Review: Shopping for a Billionaire (#2) by Julia Kent


Title:  Shopping for a Billionaire
Author: Julia Kent
Publisher/Year: Julia Kent 6/1/14
Length: 85
Series: Shopping for a Billionaire #2


New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent continues her Shopping for a Billionaire series as mystery shopper Shannon and (near) billionaire Declan explore a relationship (and each other).

The pair deal with a jealous ex-boyfriend, a new perk at work that makes Shannon rethink her job, and a cat that offers up quite a present when Declan takes Shannon out for their first non-business date.

My Thoughts

the saga continues with the new budding attraction – and where we thought that things were going awry before, they are taken to a new level in book 2. We see that Declan and Shannon really do share an attraction to one another, one that they begin to act on, and if that weren’t enough, there are many many forces trying to come between them.

Enter Steve, Shannon’s ex who’s a social climber – dumping Shannon since she wasn’t elite enough for him, and when he walks into the same restaurant that Declan and Shannon are at, he decides that he wants her back.  Granted i don’t know what the motivation is there but it’s funny to see the lengths that he’s going to in order to get her attention.  Texting Shannon, her sister, friends and even parents just to get her to agree to see him.

Then there’s Shannon’s mom – she’s amusing for any number of reasons.  She’s the embarrassing mom that no one wants to have – she says and does things that should never be done, and even in front of Declan which would be the end of any real relationship i’d imagine.  Not in a book though.

And then there’s the amusement from work – nothing is as it seems – and that allows for interesting situations to pop up, especially when Declan swings by.

So, as all those things happen, we get to know Declan and Shannon a bit more – we see that they have shared interests, yet there are hints at their back stories as well.  we know that they each have flaws, and that they probably even have their own pain that may come out (or not) and that’s what makes you want to root for them even more.

The journey continues – still keeping it light with this novella series and i guess it’s onto book 3 to see what Declan will do next to make Shannon swoon, what Steve will do to try to win Shannon back and what embarrassment the mom can bring to the table.  Enjoy!