Review: Shopping for a Billionaire (#3) by Julia Kent


Title:  Shopping for a Billionaire
Author: Julia Kent
Publisher/Year: Julia Kent 6/30/14
Length: 121
Series: Shopping for a Billionaire #3


I don’t turn every date into a medical emergency, but when I do, I nearly castrate my man…

Shannon and Declan’s first real date ends with an ambulance trip and yet another test of their madcap relationship. Ex-boyfriend Steve insists on dinner with Shannon while Declan is overseas on business, but a surprise return leads to plenty of romance as Declan whisks her away for a ride over Boston (in more ways than one…).

Just as life and love look good, a misunderstanding takes on a sinister tone as a conspiracy brews to keep them apart. Julia Kent’s hilarious Shopping series continues.

My Thoughts

The story is now beginning to get juicy and so much more complicated.  We see that the romance continues to grow, and feelings are really beginning to develop in depth between these characters.  The downside to the speed of things though is that we know that there’s a past that Declan won’t open up about and it seems like Shannon just won’t push it right now.  The way that Shannon’s family opens their arms up to Declan though shows us that maybe there’s hope.

Anyhow, seems like Steve is really trying to get in the way of things for Shannon and in this 3rd installment we see things come to a head.  Fortunately for Shannon (although i’m still trying to understand how it was possible given that he was in NZ and now he’s with her in Boston), Declan shows up just as Shannon’s getting her anger out on Steve and well, that works out to her benefit.

The piece of the journey here though shows us that the relationship between these 2 is really growing, (declan and Shannon that is) and that the family really opens their arms to him.  His family is another situation though and one that Shannon’s not surprised that she’s found herself in, and partially doesn’t care that she’s in.

It’s not until the tail end of this installment that we see the waves really begin to form.  All as a result of a mystery shop that Shannon has to do and some of the cast of characters who are present to see it all go down.  The question that we’re left at in the end is what will it mean for Shannon’s happiness and will it mean that Declan’s out of her life for good in a romantic sort of way.  I feel like the odds are stacked against him, but given that he doesn’t really seem to care what others think, i’m game to believe the best.  I do have a sense though that maybe this will be the one time that he’s actually upset about something and Shannon will have an uphill battle.  I guess that will make for a good finale if that’s the case.  Anyhow, 1 more book to the series and we’ll see who nets out on top.  Enjoy!