Review: Shopping for a Billionaire (#4) by Julia Kent


Title:  Shopping for a Billionaire
Author: Julia Kent
Publisher/Year: Julia Kent 8/15/14
Length: 146
Series: Shopping for a Billionaire #4


A confusing fight, a garbage-covered car, and a mom who shares her past as a stripper all drive Shannon to the edge of madness. When her big shot at mystery shopping luxury properties leads to another crazy toilet incident, it’s Declan to the rescue…but can they take the “plunge”? The Shopping series from New York Times bestselling author Julia Kent reaches its conclusion with heart, heat, and hilarity.

My Thoughts

Ahhh, we finally make it to the conclusion of all this craziness that surrounds Shannon’s life.  Like the summary says, it’s a luxury shop that really brings things to a close, but really, we have to remember where we left off in book 3.  The relationship between Shannon and Declan couldn’t be in worse shape, nothing makes sense, and everything seems to be going downhill.  Shannon can’t get the answers that she wants, and is left to wallow.  You know though that given Shannon’s personality so far, that her wallowing will be quite amusing anyway.

Where this final installment takes us is on a fact finding mission and we slowly learn more about the McCormick’s back story than we ever knew before.  Even how it all relates to James and Maria (the parents) and well, that’s quite a story in itself.  In learning about what happened 10+ years ago, we finally get a bit more depth to the characters that we haven’t had to this point and that’s something that i’m really pleased that our author took us to.

Like the overview says as well, we get to the luxury shop and this is where things get to be even more amusing.  It’s all been wonderfully coordinated and mastermind by Amanda- to get everyone to open their eyes and to be in the same place at once, and well that couldn’t have led to a better conclusion.  We see that people are forced to have conversations that they weren’t ready to have, and that means that we’ll see walls come down, and maybe not all of them good.

Where we are left is with someone losing their job, people becoming more receptive to one another, and the question being posed of what’s to come for everyone.  I think that the way that this story ends isn’t necessarily realistic, but still does the story justice since it’s interesting how it’s all been intertwined.

Given the pace of this story though, i don’t know that i would have stayed interested had i had to wait for each of the installments to come out – so i’m glad that i didn’t pick up this series until they were all published.  It’s entertaining for sure, but i think that it serves a better purpose of being entertaining reading as one longer book v. the 4 installments.  Otherwise though, i think that it’s a great read when you just want something enjoyable and light to pass your time.  Enjoy the final installment of the Shannon/Declan journey!