Review: Fierce (Chicago Underground #3) by Skye Warren

Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  Book Beautiful 4/16/22
Length:  155 pages
Series: Chicago Underground #3


I’m torn between what I want and what I need. Between the men in my past and the man by my side. Colin has tried to control me, to use me. He also guards me so fiercely my heart aches. But there’s no protection left for me. This is my battle, and I’ve already lost.

My Thoughts

We were left at a point in time where Allie had to choose the man she saw a future with or her own family and safety. It’s a tough position to be in, at her age (we forget that she’s still a teenager) and the fact that she’s got a child, that she’s got to make choices that aren’t the smartest and definitely not the most informed. She’s at Phillip’s house – Colin’s brother – looking for information to get a cop to leave her alone.

What happens next is a story that’s a bit of a roller coaster. We watch how Allie gives misinformation in the hopes that it’ll protect her and Colin. We watch how that backfires as he discovers her secrets, and we also see how Shelly gets them all into even more trouble. While it’s not Allie that puts the detectives and cops on the ‘right’ trail, it’s Allie who’s the one blamed for it and has to suffer the consequences.

There’s a trap laid, we watch the warehouse set on fire with people trapped inside and we watch a shootout happen when people don’t trust what side is what. Someone is left on the brink of death and relationships are torn apart.

What’s interesting here is that we see the dynamics shift quite a bit between characters and relationships that we didn’t know existed become something great, bonds that we thought were strong are broken and pasts become a bit of wisdom and window to the future. Add to that, there’s pain and torment since no one gets the ending that they were hoping for.

There’s romance for sure in this story, but it’s more about secrets and emotion – no one trusts one another and that means that we’re going to get a lot of angst. Which i suppose is appropriate given that Shelly and Allie really are like 18-19 years old and haven’t made the most sound choices in life. Not sure what the point of this story is, and I don’t mean that in a bad way necessarily – there doesn’t always have to be a deeper meaning for things, but this one is a bit all over the place in discovering what the narrative is, what the motivation is and what the future outcome should be. So, enough deep and philosophical from me for now – I’m off to find something else to read. Enjoy!

Review: Hard (Chicago Underground #2) by Skye Warren

Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  Book Beautiful 4/16/22
Length:  150 pages
Series: Chicago Underground #2


What Colin doesn’t know can’t hurt him. At least that’s what I tell myself about the secrets I keep. I don’t have a choice, not if I want to keep my daughter safe. There are enemies in the shadows waiting to strike from all sides. I’m holding them out with my bare hands, but it’s hard not to get crushed in the process.

My Thoughts

We’re back with Allie and Colin an we watch how their relationship grows from what was meant initially as a one night stand to something. more real. Andrew, the father of Allie’s daughter is back and that’s not a good thing for anyone – we don’t know his motivation, but we know that Colin is incredibly protective of her, and that’s not going to bode well. What we see happen is his alpha side come out and he offers to help, and does. Challenge of course is that Allie’s been taking care of herself for such a long time, that she’s not willing to just sit back, and she meets with Andrew as well. We all know that’s going to bite her but we’ll see how that happens.

Add to that, Allie is now living with Colin, their lives are intertwined, and she’s learning more about what his life entails. While he has the cafe, there’s other work that he doesn’t for his brother that’s less than savory and one day that crosses into her world. The police come looking for her when they know that Colin is out, scare her and try to get information that they likely shouldn’t have and will get her in further trouble if she discovers it.

While this is going on, we learn that Shelly is with Colin’s brother – so the families are intertwined. We don’t know what everyone does, what the motivations and implications are, but what we do know is that there’s no lack of excitement and energy.

We’re left off on a cliff – knowing that there are investigations into people’s past and connections between people that shouldn’t make sense. We don’t know what meetings were organic and what was a set up, and we don’t know what that means for the future. Who’s on what side, who’s going to lose trust and love and who’s going to end up with what they should rightly have. So, onto the third and final installment of this series (I think) to see what happens next. Enjoy!

Review: Rough (Chicago Underground #1) by Skye Warren

Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  Skye Warren 2/8/17
Length:  164 pages
Series: Chicago Underground #1


Survival doesn’t come easy…

I’m a cautionary tale. A statistic. A victim. A single teenage mother from the poor part of town. Most of the time I’m too busy working and struggling to care what people think. Survival doesn’t come easy.

I have a dark secret, a pressure valve, a rare moment just for myself. On these nights I visit a club. There I find men who give me what I need. Men who aren’t afraid to take what they want.

Men like Colin.

But he takes more than a few stolen hours. He demands more than my body. He wants my heart and soul–my happily ever after. I never thought I’d be Cinderella. I never thought a man that rough could be my prince.

My Thoughts

The summary makes you think that this story is more dark and seedy than it is, but on the flip side, it’s not a fairytale. Pasts make the present into a situation that no one really wanted, and yet we all have to figure out how to find the happy ending.

We meed our leading lady Allie on her monthly ‘date night’- the one night a month that she gives herself to be selfish and to take what she needs, just to feel. See, events of Allie’s past have created this woman that she is today. She got pregnant by someone she thought was her friend, yet he up and ran. Mind you he also forced her, which I’m not sure we ever get the full story. She finds out she’s pregnant and is immediately kicked out of her house. Her friend Shelly decides that they are in this together, and they run away together.

Fast forward about 2 years, they are living in their own apartments, Allie is working at a bakery to support her daughter and Shelly is selling herself essentially to help cover off on costs that Allie can’t manage. They don’t have an easy life by any means, but they are surviving.

It’s on Allie’s night out, when she’s looking for someone to strictly take her mind off life, and in a non-gentle sort of way that she meets Colin.

He’s sitting at the bar and he’s broody and moody. He’s incredibly sexy and he turns away women as they approach him. Allie makes her move, and their worlds change.

For some reason, they are right for each other. While Colin is hard on the outside, he’s really a good guy – and we start to learn about that throughout this story. Allie doesn’t have trust and faith in men, so she fights what he has to offer, but some how Colin weaves his way into her heart.

He’s there to protect her and to bail her out when things get dicey and that’s more than anyone has ever done. When Allie’s ‘baby daddy’ shows up, Colin is there with a plan to help her out and offers her protection. Just when she thinks that he’s the one to do it, something changes, and their balance is thrown off. She feels alone again and isn’t sure what has happened and what to do to fix it. That’s where we find ourselves at the end of this first book – so of course that means that i’m off to read the next one to figure things out. Enjoy!

Review: Hostage (Criminals and Captives #2) by Annika Martin and Skye Warren

Author: Annika Martin + Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  CreateSpace Publishing 1/27/18
Length:  410 pages
Series: Criminals & Captives #2



I’d never even kissed a boy the night I met Stone. The night I saw him kill. The night he spared my life. That was only the beginning.

He turns up in my car again and again, dangerous and full of raw power. “Drive,” he tells me, and I have no choice. He’s a criminal with burning green eyes, invading my life and my dreams.

The police say he’s dangerously obsessed with me, but I’m the one who can’t stop thinking about him. Maybe it’s wrong to let him touch me. Maybe it’s wrong to touch him back. Maybe these twisted dates need to stop. Except he feels like the only real thing in my world of designer labels and mansions.

So I drive us under threat, until it’s hard to remember I don’t want to be there.

Until it’s too late to turn back.

My Thoughts

We met Stone in the story with Grayson and Abby’s story and learned quite a bit about him. He was the protector, the oldest of the crew and the one that has a clear perspective of what the rules needed to be in order to survive. He watched them get bent and broken when Grayson found love and now it’s time to watch him fall down the same rabbit hole.

Brooke – our leading lady is the center of our story. We meet her the night of her sweet sixteen, her family is throwing a party for ‘society’ to keep up the optics that they are as successful as people want them to be. Her father’s business isn’t doing so well, and it’s when she needs to get away from the party – that’s when she crosses paths with Stone and her world flips.

Stone is trying to get information from a man who was at the party and that turns into Brooke being taken hostage sort of while the man is put in the back of a van, and finds his own demise.

From that point on, we know that Brooke will be seeing the world through different eyes. She’s not even sure if Stone will let her live, will let her go….she’s haunted by him. but she’s also mesmerized by him. Stone is everything that’s not allowed – he’s dangerous, he’s scary and he he has the potential to give her the freedom that she wants but isn’t allowed to have.

This story takes us on a journey of their varied interactions over a series of years. We watch how Stone realizes that Grayson wasn’t wrong – there’s potential for love even with their background, but Stone is so afraid to let that become a distraction knowing that they still need to save the boys that are living the same life that they had when they were taken. They are looking for hints and clues to where the operation has moved to once they escaped and they keep running into dead ends.

Brooke seems to be the one distraction that he allows himself, knowing that he in part want to protect her, but can’t let her go. His protection turns to jealousy one night and then things really change for them both – he’s the one person that she wants, and he’s always allowed her to see the real him. because of that, they change their relationship on several levels, not intentionally, all in one night.

Brooke gets what she’s been missing from life and Stone for years, and she accidentally says something on her way to sleep that gives Stone what he’s been looking for. A name.

The rest of the story shows us that people are never what they seem, and everything that they think they know probably isn’t real. Brooke is still to ‘innocent’ to know who to trust and what information to share with whom, and that’s where our story takes an unexpected turn.

We get the ending that’s needed for this story – and we see how relationships and families are ripped apart, built differently and resolved. So, enjoy!

Review: Prisoner (Criminals & Captives #1) by Annika Martin + Skye Warren

Author: Annika Martin + Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  CreateSpace Publishing 11/03/14
Length:  410 pages
Series: Criminals & Captives #1


He seethes with raw power the first time I see him-pure menace and rippling muscles in shackles. He’s dangerous. He’s wild. He’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

So I hide behind my prim glasses and my book like I always do, because I have secrets too. Then he shows up in the prison writing class I have to teach, and he blows me away with his honesty. He tells me secrets in his stories, and it’s getting harder to hide mine. I shiver when he gets too close, with only the cuffs and the bars and the guards holding him back. At night I can’t stop thinking about him in his cell.

But that’s the thing about an animal in a cage-you never know when he’ll bite. He might use you to escape. He might even pull you into a forest and hold a hand over your mouth so you can’t call for the cops. He might make you come so hard, you can’t think.

And you might crave him more than your next breath.

My Thoughts

We don’t know exactly what we’re getting into when we start this story, but we certainly go through a roller coaster of emotions, both good and bad, and we learn that no one is what they seem. Everyone has a story, and lucky for us, our leading lady is a student who’s job it is to bring out everyone’s story.

We start off learning about Abbigail – she’s the teacher at the prison, doing a project of sorts as a means of getting her degree. Her mentor felt that this was a project, a job that she was right for – even though it’s so far outside of her comfort zone. It’s on one of her first days there that she feels a shift in energy – all because she crosses paths with a man who’s meant to be part of her destiny.

Enter Grayson – a man who’s been sent to jail for killing a cop but apparently there’s more to the story. We learn early on that he is innocent, or so he claims (as do most) and we watch how he plans to get out and get vengeance.

Grayson feels this shift in energy when he walks past Abby on that first day as well, and we know that they are forever intertwined. He realizes that through an ‘end of term project, each participant will get a story published in an online journal and that’s exactly how he can get work to his crew since he’s not allowed any contact with them, especially now that he’s states away.

So we watch how Grayson gets under Abby’s skin during class – how he takes up her personal space, makes her uncomfortable and keeps her off balance. He knows how to wiggle his way under her skin and this bodes well for him since it means that he’ll for sure get his words out there.

Things change when his story is published, and he’s able to escape from jail. Plans change though and Abby sees his escape unfold, is in the midst of it and finds herself taken prisoner, hostage while he escapes. Driving him away from the prison to where he believes he’ll be free. Challenge of course is that they already have some connection between them from their time in class, not sure what it is, but she’s marked – and she’s his, and that means that he wants to protect her even when it goes against everything that he and his boys believe in.

The story that we see unfold from here is Grayson on the run from the cops, taking Abby with him since there’s no other alternative. We watch their bond grow and change, and we watch as they share bits of themselves through their pasts to better understand each other. Each time she’s ‘introduced’ to a member of the crew, we see how much of a problem this is – how much the men really don’t believe in keeping anyone around – how relationships are leverage and how they are all afraid of what Abby knows and can share to get them all arrested. Stone wants to kill her. Calder wants the same. Nate has grown to like her but that’s because he has a bit more trust of her than the others.

As time goes by we see what life will be like with them together as well as what happens if/when they have to separate. When that happens, we worry about her safety, her sanity as well as Grayson’s. It’s hurts to watch it all unfold but we know that there’s something more meant for them that only this story will give.

So, i’m not going to tell more, but know that there’s all the expected heat, passion and chemistry that we’ve learned to love from a story written by Skye Warren, and it’s a nice introduction to a series where we are destined to meet the other men and learn what shaped them. Enjoy!

Review: Finale (North Security #4.5) by Skye Warren

Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  CreateSpace Publishing 8/30/21
Length:  173 pages
Series: North Security #4.5


Francisco Castille, the exiled Duke of Linares, knows his duty. Even in modern times, the line must continue. So he’ll marry and produce an heir.

Yes, a wife will fit into his well-ordered life.

Instead he ends up with the brilliant pianist Isabella. Strong. Spirited. And highly disobedient. She rebels against every custom and every rule, threatening his careful balance.

Francisco never backs away from a challenge.

Isabella never bows down to anyone.

This scorching hot battle of wills may leave both of them broken.

My Thoughts

I know that I should know a bit more about Isabella, especially since I read the entire series that leads up to this story, but I guess there has been a bit of time since we first met Samantha Brooks and saw her interaction with the hotelier / pianist. Regardless, we have a lovely novella here that peeks into what makes Isa tick, and then what transformed her world because she’s far too selfless.

This story takes us to a point in time where her family is in need of saving, and as the fixer, the one who finds solutions, she’s put at the helm to do so. Her family owns a successful portfolio of boutique hotels that while profitable as they are, the acquisitions themselves end up putting the family further and further into debt. As the one who runs the numbers, Isabella is always trying to get her father and brother to make better choices, but of course men don’t want to hear the sense that a ‘smaller’ woman talks.

Isa gave up the life she had as a society party girl to graduate at the top of her class in Harvard and then managed to save the business. When she can’t save them with the help of banks to loan money, the one thing she can do is entertain a meeting with Francisco Castille, a man who is financially liquid enough to dig them out of a hole.

The meeting doesn’t go as planned, and part of the deal that he makes to help the hotel is for Isa to marry him. While she fights it at first, she always puts her family first and we watch what happens with this naive and inexperienced woman is owned and controlled by a man who’s quite the dominant.

The life she lives now is not one that she ever expected and we watch as she comes to terms with what she’s become. While Francisco gives her freedoms that she wanted, she’s away from her family, she’s in an environment that she’s not confident in, and she’s with a man who’s tastes are beyond her imagination.

Suffice it to say, only an author like Skye Warren could pack quite to much excitement into a novella of this length, but we get to see how this story plays out for all those that could be involved. There’s a rollercoaster of emotions and events, all ending in a way that some may have expected and others were unsure of. So…not it means I have to find something else to read….so that’s where i’m heading. Enjoy!

Review: Audition (North Security #4) by Skye Warren

Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  CreateSpace Publishing 12/9/19
Length:  300 pages
Series: North Security #4


Blood and sweat. Bethany Lewis danced her way out of poverty. She’s a world class athlete… with a debt to pay.

Joshua North always gets what he wants. And the mercenary wants Bethany in his bed. He wants her beautiful little body bent to his will.

She doesn’t surrender to his kiss.
He doesn’t back down from a challenge.
It’s going to be a sensual fight… to the death.

My Thoughts

It’s nice to get this extension of sorts from the North Security series – although we were owed the story around Josh – the one brother that we hadn’t met yet. We know where he stands with his brothers and in the family business, but it’s nice to see how he fights for what he wants, even when it seems like it’s an impossible battle.

Bethany has her own struggles in life – and after leaving the tour that we met her on with Samantha, she’s had to fight to prove herself as an amazing artist in a place where she felt safe and was appreciated.

On one hand it’s wonderful that she has this guy around her that dates back years – that has this history of sorts, but we know that they both ended up hurting each other in the past that it’s inevitable that it’ll happen again. That often makes for the most dynamic story, the most intense chemistry and what we don’t lack here is any of that. Ms Warren, our amazing author has done it again.

We watch the roller coaster with these two, trying to understand what Bethany needs to be protected and why it has to be Josh to do it. We watch as we know that they both want to remain whole but know that in order to do it, they need each other even if they won’t admit it to themselves.

There’s passion and lust. There’s angst and fear. But underneath it all, there’s hope and there’s desire to just ‘be’. It’s an expected story of sorts, but the journey to the end is one that makes up for how we anticipate it will end. Question remains if it wraps up as you want. Only you can tell when you read it. Enjoy!

Review: To the Ends of the Earth (Stripped #5) by Skye Warren

TitleTo the Ends of the Earth
Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  CreateSpace Publishing 11/15/16
Length:  174 pages
Series: Stripped #5


Another rundown apartment. Another job that pays cash. Every new city it becomes harder to hide but I can’t stop running.

There are two men after me… One wants to save my soul.
The other wants to claim my body.

Part of me wants Luca to catch me, even knowing what he’s capable of. An enforcer. A fighter. The only language he speaks is violence. How far will he go to find me? What will he do once he does?

A wild glance over my shoulder. The shadows are moving. I’m about to find out.

My Thoughts

We first met Beth when she was at Harmony Hills – when Ivan went about doing his manly stuff to get retribution for what’s been done to Candy. Beth was caught in the crosshairs a bit since she took over for Candy’s position with Leader Allen (not by choice I have to say) and she was left to be abused, neglected and we can only imagine what the means for her in the long run.

We saw the interaction between her and Luca when she was first ‘re-captured’ and there is chemistry there, desire, but the question becomes who will break whom and what does that mean. We saw in Candy’s story that Luca is willing to sacrifice a lot for Beth, that’s how much she cares for him, and this next installment takes us into the future where we see how that worked out.

Some how Beth got back on her own two feet – she’s working the best jobs she can to provide food and clothing and shelter for her daughter (Leader Allen’s if you’ll remember) but she’s on the run. Both from Luca whom she wants to put distance and from her brother who was the one who was sent to Tanglewood to do harm. People put this notion in his head that Beth’s baby is a message from god and now he has all these notions about things that should be happening with the baby and none of them are good.

She had been so careful each time she’s moved from state to state, into Canada, off the grid – just for a little bit of security. Any time it seemed like someone may be getting too close, she’s picked up roots and gone on the run again, but Luca is not far behind. He’s a man on a mission and not willing to say goodbye.

So we watch how Beth is constantly looking over her shoulder. how she’s learned to forgo everything for herself because she needs to protect her daughter. She’s gotten stronger, she does what she can to keep them safe until it seems like things come to a head. She’s attacked by a bunch of drunk men, and her protector – Luca comes to her rescue.

The journey from here is one where we watch him try to do all the right things to keep her safe – to give her and her daughter the life that they deserve, and Beth fights him every step of the way. She’s afraid to let someone in, and she’s afraid of what it will mean if she gives him that amount of power over them. But what she hates more is that she wants to let him in because she’s afraid of the outcome otherwise.

The tension between them is hot, and it adds to the tension of the unknown with the story. Trying to find her brother before he finds them, and trying to get things back on track. The lengths they go to in order to do all of that – well….it’s entertaining to say the least. What I will say though is that this story resolves how we need for their installment – and now it’s onto the next.

Review : Hold You Against Me (Stripped #4) by Skye Warren

TitleHold You Against Me
Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  CreateSpace Publishing 5/31/16
Length:  312 pages
Series: Stripped #4


My sister and I barely managed to escape alive, and we’ve lived in relative hiding ever since. I’m safe now, but I can never forget the boy who gave his life to save mine.

Except there’s a chance that he’s still alive. And he’s fighting a war.

Even knowing the risks, I have to find him. I have to find some way to protect him, the way he protected me. But he isn’t the boy I left behind. He’s a violent man. A criminal. And he’s been waiting for me–the final pawn in a dark game of survival and love.

My Thoughts

I like the tone of this story as it’s a bit different than that of the others. We have spent so much time Grand adjacent in the prior installments, that it’s nice to get this one – a shift away from the Grand and back to a place that no one expected to go. There was a novella earlier in the series about Clara, giving us a sense of what she and Honor went through when they escaped. We got to see how a boy named Gio fell in love with Clara and helped them get away from an environment where they were both in danger. We assumed that would be the end of things – knowing that when the girls got away, someone would have to suffer, and yet while there was suffering, the story didn’t end there.

Fast forward about eight years and we find ourselves on the night of Clara’s sculpture unveiling. We saw this unfold in the last book – seeing that she was there to give beauty to the newly opened Grand and then she disappears. The message that she left Amy in that book was one that implied she left on her own, but what we see in this story, that’s not the case at all.

Her past has come back, and what she thought she knew of Gio isn’t the case at all. Gone is the boy who was caring, emotional and loving. In his place is the man that has taken over the Family – he’s now the leader of the Mafia in Las Vegas and that means that there’s danger all around. He wanted her eight years ago and he wants her even more now. Not just for how he felt then since he’s convinced himself that neither of them are worthy of that, but because of her lineage – because of who she is. Clara will secure his position in the family and he’ll have everything that he worked for. survived for.

The story from here is one of watching a captor take and own what’s his. He isn’t a nice man, he’s not a fair man – and that’s what we have expected. Clara though is still the same sweet girl – the one who may have grown up, but who wants to believe that there’s something that can be done to get under the walls of ice that have formed. She schemes to get her freedom, befriends the wrong people. Tries to escape time and time again to no avail, and then is forced into a marriage. The one thing that she feared the most when she was living with her father and now it’s her present and future.

We watch this roller coaster unfold. The dance these two do around each other – hating each other because of the circumstances that they are finding themselves, yet loving each other because their hearts and souls were promised to each other all those years ago. There’s innocence lost, there’s hardened walls found and there’s uncertainty for what the future holds.

The sub plot here of course is that Gio’s mother has been taken by one of his adversaries and they need to find her. At the same time, Clara needs to get news to her sister that she’s alive and ‘ok’ and she chooses to trust the wrong person – a person who’s connected to the enemy and has motives to do them all harm.

We don’t get the closure necessarily that we need, which means that there has to be another book to continue this story. I can’t wait to see how that plays out because when a mafioso goes missing, you know he’s going to turn up in a bad way….and there will be a lot of collateral damage.

Mix into that some steamy rekindled love and passion, and well what we have is a great fourth book to this series. onto the next one and Enjoy!

Review: Caught for Christmas (Stripped #3.5) by Skye Warren

TitleCaught for Christmas
Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  CreateSpace Publishing 5/31/26
Length:  122 pages
Series: Stripped #3.5


I’ll be home for Christmas…

The plan is simple. Break into the club and steal the money I need to save my father. The ex-military bouncer isn’t going to stop me, even if he is hot as hell.

If only in my dreams…

Except he has a curious knack for knowing my next step.

And there’s something dark underneath his desire, something dangerous. If he catches me, he might not let me go.

My Thoughts

We met West in the last book and we saw his close relationship with Blue and of course wanted to see him have a story of his own. His temperament is quite the same as Blue’s and that means that we can only hope that he’ll find someone as amazing as Lola/Hannah.

Bianca is one of the dancers at The Grand – the newly transformed burlesque club rather than the straight strip club that it once was. Bianca’s story doesn’t come to full depth here since this is a novella, but what we learn is that she’s got a dodgy past – her parents taught her at a young age how to steal, how to break into places as a means of getting them out of financial troubles. She’s working at the Grand where she makes good money but since she’s at the mercy of her ‘parents’ – she lives on nothing, no food, has a crap apartment and really struggles.

It’s just before christmas which means that we know her parents are going to do something to make the holiday worse. Ever since they moved to tanglewood and her parents saw the opportunity with stealing money from The Grand, they positioned Bee to figure out how to break in and get 50 thousand dollars. This means that they will have to run again, any friends that Bianca made will be history and Ivan will be after her forever once he knows it’s her. which of course he will.

She’s planted roots a bit here, and while she’s not super close to many of the girls, she has friends. She has stability in a sense and she resents her family for doing what they do. Her mother comes to her one night saying that the people they owe money to have kidnapped her father, so they have to move the operation up a bit. We know this can never end well. and that’s what happens.

Bianca is set up, by West, and now she has to pay the price. She doesn’t know if he’s going to turn her in or turn her over (his knee) and that’s where this novella takes shape. There’s an attraction and then there’s fear of being rejected and both of those paths cross with this pair.

Eyes are opened to lies, and fears are put to rest and we are left to wonder which is more important, family or self. all the while, enjoying some nice naughty bits between two adults who clearly like one another and deserve to have something good in life. Now….I get to read book #4 in the series and see what clara is up to. Enjoy!