Review: Strings Attached (Baseline Sins #1) by Stephanie Julian


Title: Strings Attached
Author: Stephanie Julian
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Publishing 11/17/15
Length:   276 Pages
Series:  Baseline Sins #1


The first novel in a steamy spin-off series from the national bestselling author of the Salon Games novels…

On the surface, Sebastian “Baz” Valenti is a rock god with the lifestyle to match. With  his drop-dead gorgeous looks and his band, Baseline Sins, at the top of the charts, he can have any woman he wants. But the constant touring and recording has taken its toll. Now he’s turned to scoring films, a gig that has introduced him to the one woman he really wants but can’t have…

Trudeau Morrison is all business all the time. As the managing director of ManDown Films, it’s her job to keep Baz focused on business too. It’s not an easy task, considering Baz has made no secret of his desire for her. But Tru doesn’t want to get involved with a rock star, even if he is the hottest man she’s ever met.

Trouble is, once Baz gets an erotic taste of Tru, he’s not going to give her up. Now he just has to show her that rock-steady is nothing compared to rock and roll…

My Thoughts

Thank goodness we finally got to have an installment that focuses on Baz since we really got to know about him when Bree and Greg fell in love.  From what we remember from that story, he’s had a rough time coming back from an overdose and then trying to get his head on straight.  all while hiding out at Haven.

So in this first book of a spin off series, we see how Baz comes into his own now that the score for the movie is done, and how that means that he’s open to finding more for himself.  That comes in the form of Tru – Greg’s old assistant turned managing director of their production studio.

Tru is a girl who knows what she wants and gets it.  She’s no nonsense and that’s why she’s gotten on so well with Greg.  She’s become fast friends with the girls from the Salon Games series – Belle, Kate, Sabrina and even Talia that we get to see them pop up again and again in this series.

The relationship between Baz and Tru starts off as most of these do – they hate each other – they know how to push the other’s buttons and not in a good way so you know that it’s going to lead to something hot and steamy.  We see them fight at every turn and to me it’s a question of when they will finally decide to realize that it’s not hate but attraction that keeps them going.

Throughout this story – really what we are seeing is Baz coming to terms with his friendships from the guys in the band, as well as trying to figure out what his next move is since he’s so afraid of what’s going to happen if he screws up and everyone else seems to fear the same.  everyone but Tru that is.  He has a hard time trying to reconnect with his bandmates and that cuts him down a bit while also trying to navigate whatever it is that’s going on with Tru.

In true form of Ms. Julian, we get so much heat and passion when these two come together that it keeps the story going at a fast pace.  There’s so much chemistry that it leaps off the pages and while you want to see them succeed – you know that there’s so much keeping them apart that it’s really a question of who’s going to shove them back in the right direction to make it work.  So, all in all a nice read from this spin off series and i can’t wait to see what’s next.  Have a great day all!