Review: The Billionaire of Bluebonnet (Bluebonnet #1.5) by Jessica Clare


Title: The Billionaire of Bluebonnet
Author: Jessica Clare
Publisher/Year: Penguin Publishing 9/18/12
Length:   79 Pages
Series:  BlueBonnet #1.5


Risa’s luck was running out…

Risa Moore is content with her work as a live-in assistant to an elderly lady—until her boss passes on. Now, she’s stuck in the tiny town of Bluebonnet, Texas, with no job, nowhere to live, and no prospects. Leaving Bluebonnet means starting her life over from scratch, so when Risa gets the opportunity of a lifetime, it’s hard to turn it down. But does her sexy new boss want something more than just an employee?

Until she met a man worth his weight in gold.

Young, hot, and fabulously wealthy, Travis Jesson has no intention of ever returning to his small Texas hometown. Then his grandmother passes away, leaving him her estate and her pet. His plans involve disposing of her things as expediently as possible…until he meets her gorgeous live-in help. And Travis finds himself proposing an entirely different sort of relationship…

My Thoughts

This series is definitely giving me something to hold my attention while there’s nothing on TV and no stores are open.  (Gotta love when it’s Christmas and you don’t celebrate it).  Anyhow, in this novella, we get to have a story supported by characters that are not part of those that we’ve met before, we haven’t heard of either and the only link to the main bits of the series are through the salon that Beth Ann owns.

It’s a quick story nonetheless but a sweet one where we see Travis trying to come to terms with the death of his grandmother and trying to sort out her last and final wishes while trying to get back to his life in Houston.  of course when the door to her house is opened by a sexy and delicious looking woman, plans change.

As we’ve seen in the series for the other installments, there’s really no delay in getting down to business with our couples – the chemistry that they have is something the ignites quickly and it’s really sweet to see how our alpha males, how the controlling and dominant men are able to make these women putty in their hands.  Risa really had no choice.

So after a steamy night in Bluebonnet, Risa finds herself going with Travis back to Houston to help him acclimate to the pig that was left to him, and it’s worked out well for her as she doesn’t have a job or a home and he’s offered her an excessive amount of money for the two weeks that he’s got before a trip.

where this story goes off the rails a bit is that it’s clear that there’s an attraction, but the intention in my head was never for this to turn into a relationship yet it jumps the shark a bit quite quickly to a place where Risa is making demands on him and his time in the form of a relationship.  All that taken into account though, at least we get a quick resolution to all that and an ending that fits the novella.  Can’t wait to see what’s next in this series.  Enjoy!