Review: Generation (The Clone Chronicles #3) by Heather Hildenbrand


Title:  Generation
Author: Heather Hildenbrand
Publisher/Year: Alloy Entertainment 10/13/15
Length:  269 pages
Series:  The Clone Chronicles #3


After months of pretending to be Raven Rogen, Ven feels less like a clone and more like a human than ever. But when Raven’s father, Titus—the same man who engineered Ven—discovers her plan to escape, everything she’s worked so hard for is taken away in one explosive moment.

Now she’s imprisoned in Twig City, the secret warehouse where she grew up. She spends her days plotting ways to get back to the outside world, determined to topple Titus’s empire and free every last Imitation. But Titus’s reach is extensive and his plans are more deadly than she realized.

In the shocking conclusion to the Imitation series, one wrong move could mean the end for Ven and everyone she’s come to love.

My Thoughts

Well it’s been a little while since i was in this series but i have to say that it was really easy to get right back into things where we left off.  The way that Ms Hildenbrand writes the story – it flows and you are reminded very fast what had just happened at the end of book 2.

If you recall, Ven, Linc and some of the others were trying to free or save the Imitations and just when they thought they were making progress, Titus blows up the warehouse and it’s now a wonder who’s left alive and what’s going to happen to Ven now that she’s been captured.  We start this book in theory about 6 months in the future, when Ven is woken up from stasis in Twig City – where Titus has holding her hostage in a sense.  She’s woken up to find herself them in a room with another imitation of Raven AND the true raven herself.

As the story continues, we’re reunited with Melanie who’s managed to get a job on the inside in the hopes of finding Ven, and she’s able to calm Ven down a bit in the sense that she knows that Linc’s alive and that he’s worried about her.  She’s also told that they have been spending the last months not just looking for her but in trying to find a way to save all the imitations and hopefully free everyone inside Twig City.

That’s really the focal point of this final installment.  We know that there needs to be a plan of attack – that the end goal is not only to overthrow Titus but to kill him since it seems like that’s the only thing that will work.  Our group has tried to get at him without killing him since that’s not their thing but Titus is always one step ahead and that’s never a good thing .

Throughout this installment we see relationships grow, we see worlds intercept one another with imitations and authentics meeting, with Ven’s family from the inside meeting her family on the outside and sadly, not all of our favorite characters make it to the end.  We also see lots of planning to get the imitations free – to get them new identities so they can live without fear, and it’s during this that we see a lot of other relationships grow and form.

While there’s never any uncertainty of Linc and Ven’s relationship throughout this story, you have to wonder if they are both going to survive – knowing that Titus is out to get Ven and will have to discover that Linc’s working with them somehow.  I feel like we’re hoping for the happy ending but who knows if that’s possible.

I think the way that everything plays out is a nice story line.  We see that there’s a lot of internal debate going on that makes you wonder what you’re capable of if you’re backed into a corner, and you then wonder if your true self is actually that or if you can be conformed.  (i.e. real Raven).  But all in all, we get the closure and the resolution that the story needed even if it wasn’t in the expected path.  With that being said – thank you folks at Netgalley for getting me an early copy of this book and i hope that you guys enjoy.  Happy Sunday!

ARC Review: Deviation (The Clone Chronicles) by Heather Hildenbrand


Title:  Deviation
Author: Heather Hildenbrand
Publisher/Year: Alloy entertainment 12/30/14
Length: 173
Series: Clone Chronicles #2


Until a month ago, eighteen-year-old Ven had never set foot outside the windowless warehouse where she was created. An Imitation of Raven Rogen, Ven spent her days confined in the lab, studying videos of her Authentic, all so she could step into Raven’s life at a moment’s notice.

Now, Ven lives in Raven’s penthouse apartment, kisses Raven’s boyfriend, and obeys every order from Raven’s dad, Titus Rogen—the very man who created her. But Ven has a secret plan. She doesn’t want Raven’s life. She wants her own.

In the action-packed sequel of Imitation, Ven wages a dangerous war against Titus. First she’ll free herself, then she’ll free every last Imitation. . . .

My Thoughts

Where this 2nd installment in the series goes is an interesting place.  It’s a bit shorter than the first one so it was a faster read-  but i don’t know that there was all that much excitement until we get to the last 25% or so.  As the summary says, we meet up again with Ven, Linc and all of the same cast of characters when they are in the throes of trying to free all the Imitations.  A tall order of course, but their journey will be ain interesting one, and the question really becomes, will they succeed?

So throughout this 2nd book, we see the relationship between Ven and Linc grow stronger and it’s really the one bit of stability that Ven has in her life right now that keeps her solid on the ground.  Titus still has control over just about everything and we’re beginning to put the pieces together to learn that there’s so much more that he’s connected to that we just don’t know and i think that we’ll see either his control slip as the Imitations take over or we’ll see things get ugly.  My money is on seeing things get ugly since this is a book 2 and there has to be a bunch of anxiety before we get to the finale.

We’re leraning more and more about the backstory to some of the characters – Obadiah being one of them, and that alliance and friendship proves to be very valuable to everyone.  While i think that we all expected a twist, i don’t know that i expected that one where he is concerned.  (happy – no spoilers).

The other interesting dynamic is that Titus continues to swap out Authentics with Imitations in order to further his cause and we see that Daniel isn’t so powerful that he’s not easily replaced.  Same goes for the others close to him and it makes you wonder if the Vice President is one and who else in Congress is one.

As the plotting and scheming continues, i spend a bulk of the story waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I’m concerned for the well being of Ven since she seems to surviving relatively unscathed.  i think that it would be naive to think that she’s not about to suffer something catostrophic – but again, i’m still not sure what that’s going to be.  Will it be losing Linc, Neil/Daniel?  Will she find out that she’s been crossed by someone close to her?  All valid questions and places that my mind has gone as i’ve read through this story.

So, where do we go from here?  Plans are working and Plans are backfiring and i think that the ending that we’re left in is an interesting cliffhanger.  I’m curious if Raven is still alive and if she’ll actually be the one to bring things to an end, or if she’s gone and things are doomed for the Authentics.  Which ones of our friends will survive until book 3 and which are going to be replaced?  All things to read about and ponder throughout Deviation and hopefully into the next installment of the series (still unnamed i believe).  Regardless – Enjoy!

Review : Imitation (Clone Chronicles #1) by Heather Hildenbrand


Title:  Imitation
Author: Heather Hildenbrand
Publisher/Year: Alloy entertainment 7/29/14
Length: 227
Series: Clone Chronicles #1


Everyone is exactly like me. There is no one like me.

Ven wrestles with these contradicting truths every day. A clone of wealthy eighteen-year-old Raven Rogen, Ven knows everything about the girl she was created to serve: the clothes she wears, the boys she loves, the friends she loves to hate. Yet she’s never met the Authentic Raven face-to-face. Imitations like Ven only get to leave the lab when they’re needed—to replace a dead Authentic, donate an organ, or complete a specific mission. And Raven has neverneeded Ven . . . until now.

When there is an attack on Raven’s life, Ven is thrust into the real world, posing as Raven to draw out the people who tried to harm her. But as Ven dives deeper into Raven’s world, she begins to question everything she was ever told. She exists for Raven, but is she prepared to sacrifice herself for a girl she’s never met?

My Thoughts

So i got a copy of this book through NetGalley, one of my favorite ARC locales and i’m happy to say that this was a good one to stumble upon.  I’m a sucker for good dystopia and good cover art, of which this has both.

So as the summary above says, we meet Ven who’s living in Twig City – a place where clones are being produced for the rich and well to do in the world.  For what reasons they’ll be needed and when, no one knows.  Only that you have to learn to adapt the EXACT mannerisms etc of the person that you’ve been cloned from so that you’re ready when the time comes.  It’s just that point in time that Ven is called, and for what she’s going to do – it’s something that she’s never expected.

Where we go in this story is expected yes, but a nice journey never the less.  What throws me, which means it was well written is that you don’t know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are, yet you know that there are a few that you’re rooting for.  You also don’t know what the next twist is going to be or who the next familiar face is going to be coming along.  that’s something that Ven has to deal with on a regular basis, especially when she learns that her father (Raven’s at least) is the true creator of Imitations, and it’s creepy enough as is.

Ven learned that her purpose is to draw out the person who’s trying to attack Raven, but between you and I – i still don’t know that i believe that anyone was after her – at least anyone that wasn’t led by her father.  We’ll see i suppose.  Ven comes into a world that has bodyguards, boys and friends that are all a bit vapid and painful to be around, except for Linc – who you want to be her love interest, and someone that she can’t be with.

Ven learns that she’s surrounded by the ‘Authentics’ that are the basis for her friends in Twig City and that makes her feel a little better, but if only it were that easy too.  She’s seeing things go down in a way that’s unsafe.  She herself is targeted, and for being a Product, not being Raven, so that makes things even more complicated.  All the while, we know that we can trust her father, and some of her friends.

So what we get in this interesting first story is about as deep as you can expect with YA and Dystopia, as well as a little bit of romance and teen angst.  A few bits of ‘I Love You’s’ mixed in and still a lot of questions.  Who’s on whom’s payroll, who knows more than they are letting on and still…..who can you trust.

We’re taken to an interesting community of folks as this story progresses, and an even more dynamic cast of characters.  I can only hope that the job that Ven has to do is worth the risk and something that she can come back from….intact.  So, that being said, i’m going to track down the next installment and see what these guys can get into next.