Review: Boss (The Donovan Dynasty #3) by Sierra Cartwright


Title: Boss
Author: Sierra Cartwright
Publisher/Year:  Totally Entwined Group 4/19/16
Length:   265 Pages
Series:  The Donovan Dynasty #3


His erotic demands test everything she believes.

When the fearless, larger-than-life Nathan Donovan becomes her boss, Kelsey Lane’s life is turned upside down. The multimillionaire wants her by his side, but his demands don’t end there.

Kelsey avoids romantic entanglements, especially with overwhelmingly dynamic men like Nathan. But she quickly discovers his attention and sensual desires ignite something deep inside her, leading her on a journey that tests everything she believes.

The youngest, boldest of the dynamic Donovan brothers, Nathan is accustomed to getting what he wants. And he focuses his attention on the smart, sexy Kelsey. He quickly discovers she’s unlike any woman he’s ever known.

She meets him, desire for desire, getting deep inside him, destroying the barriers he keeps around his heart. He wonders, though, if she’s willing to give him the one thing he demands…

My Thoughts

We didn’t really get much of a chance to learn about Nathan in the past 2 books so it’s nice to see his life come into play in this third installment.  What we do know is that he’s meticulous about finance and all things tied to that, so it’s not surprise that we see that come to be a key part of things as Donovan Wordwide takes over a new company in the Houston area.

Kelsey, our leading lady comes into the picture as the executive assistant to the company that Nathan is buying, and we quickly learn that she’s more of the backbone to running the company than what her title implies.  Things can’t run without her, and Nathan begins to see that she plays a pivotal role in her life as well.

While there’s chemistry off the bat with these two – true to our author’s form in writing character dynamics – it’s a wonder as to how they will ultimately come together.  Work seems to put a fine line between things, but fortunately for the two of them, Kelsey has a friend Andi who’s involved somewhat in the BDSM lifestyle, and gets Kelsey into a new club that just happens to be part owned by Nathan’s brother.  So nice how that works out right?

Where the rest of the story takes us is on a journey of self discovery, understanding that the need to be independent actually goes hand in hand with being in a D/s relationship, and it’s Nathan’s job to teach this all to Kelsey. The story takes place really only during a span of a week, but i think that it’s an itense few days that you can’t wait to see what happens next.

The other underlying story here is not just about the intro into the lifestyle for Kelsey, but seeing how she’s empowered to take on more, and when an opportunity presents itself to be a CEO for Lara (Connor’s wife) – well you see that she’s grown even more than imagined.

While i’m a huge fan of Ms Cartwrights, and def of this series, i think that there were times throughout that i felt like the story was lacking just a bit.  The scenes as hot as they were didn’t seem as original as i’ve come to appreciate from our author – but nonethless, at least the pace kept up. I can’t wait to see what’s next in this series since i feel like there has to be more.  Erin still needs her own installment, and i feel like after seeing her reaction to Julian Bond having a girl with him at Connor and Lara’s party in book 2, i feel like there’s definitely a good juicy story there.  On that note – enjoy everyone and i’ll be back soon!

Review: Bind (The Donovan Dynasty #1) by Sierra Cartwright


Title: Bind
Author: Sierra Cartwright
Publisher/Year:  Totally Entwined Group 69/15
Length:   265 Pages
Series:  The Donovan Dynasty #1


Book one in The Donovan Dynasty series

Only one man can help her. Is she willing to pay his price?

Faced with the potentially overwhelming loss of her family’s fortune, Lara Bertrand turns to the one man who can help her, the gorgeous and powerful Connor Donovan.

She knows he’s dangerous to her on every level. Only desperation would drive her to make such a risky proposition. After all, she knows all about his ruthless nature and relentless determination to succeed.

When the classy, elegant Lara walks into his office with an outrageous proposal, Connor is stunned and more than a little intrigued. Ever since he first met her, he’s been attracted to the cool beauty, but she’s more than kept her distance.

Connor is absolutely willing to help her out. For a price. He not only wants her hand in marriage, but also her total submissive surrender…

My Thoughts

I’m a huge fan of Ms. Cartwrights, so when i came across this series, i had to see what it was about.  I have to say that it lived up to everything else that we’ve been gifted with.

We start off with characters that are not only entwined because of business, but also because of a family bond.  Lara our leading lady and Erin are really close friends, and she’s kind of the tie that initially binds – getting the two together.

Connor is a businessman who is closed off to emotions and relationships, partially because of what his parents relationship was before his father’s death and partially because he’s so focused on work and building is company.

Of course that means that we’ll have two leads that are so focused on doing the right things for their businesses that they sacrifice their own happiness.  It’s only when Lara finds herself in a jam where she needs to bring Connor into the mix in a way that’s going to complicate things both personally and professionally that things begin to get hot.

There’s such chemistry between these two, that you can’t help but to be completely engaged in all that they do.  They scene well, the fact that Connor is a D and Lara really knows nothing about being an ‘s’ – aside from the fact that she likes it a bit kinky, well i think that we’re destined for a great education here.

If i could find fault with one thing is that connor was so willing and quick to admit his preferences in the bed room and i don’t know that it’s realistic that it would have happened that fast.  In all of the other series in the genre that i’ve read, there’s been a bit of hesitancy given that its not quite mainstream, but i guess it works here since they obviously trusted each other quite a bit.

As the story progresses, we see the forming of a true relationship, even if it’s a sham from the onset, and the depth that things go once you open yourself up to the possibility.  Lara fights Connor on everything, but even so, you can see a true relationship forming and it’ll be a question of who breaks first and what it will mean.

We’re given the expected level of anxiety and stress when they realize that maybe there’s more than they bargained for, and then it’s a question of who will make the first move to bring things back full circle.  Will Lara be able to help save her family’s business, and what cost will that come to her father given that he’s the one causing all of this.  Then there’s the question of whether Connor and Lara really are compatible and what that will mean since it’s not something that they are either open to.

On that note, i’ll track down #2 and see who gets featured next.  Happy Memorial Day!