Review: The Affair – The Forbidden Fruit (The Affair #4) by Beth Kery

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Title: The Affair:  The Forbidden Fruit
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group 10/7/14
Length: 73
Series: The Affair #4


Five weeks total. That was the limit Emma placed on the affair. No more, no less. And right now it was opening her up to decadent pleasures she never imagined possible. The effect on Montand was equally liberating. Emma was bringing him back into the world of the living, and her buoyant spirit, freshness and lust for life made him ravenously hungry for more.

His darkness was being drawn to her light, and for both of them, the experience was electrifying. But for Emma it was something even more. Lost in the world of Montand’s exquisitely sensual challenges Emma’s beginning to feel something dangerously close to love. And now she fears that five weeks with Montand could leave her deliriously vulnerable, and in far too deep to ever survive.

My Thoughts

Just as an FYI – i’m not sure that the synopsis above is accurate for what we read here in this 4th installment, but i’ll try to be fair about it.  where we left off in the last installment is that Emma had given Vanni a time limit to their relationship in the hopes of keeping herself from getting her heart broken and for Vanni not to get bored.  So that’s where we are again.  We get to see how these 2 are going to make a go at things with all the stuff that’s in the middle.

We get a lot of great passion with these two, now that Emma’s letting him in, and they’ve even gotten to the point where it’s almost impossible to lie to the other.  Meaning of course that Vanni will learn the truth about Emma’s breakup with Colin, and it’s quite entertaining to see what comes of it when that happens.

To be honest, there’s not much ‘substance’ to these chapters since we’re not at a point in the story where anything is uber pivotal, however, it’s sweet and helps to continue the story.  (if you’re able to read it with either week 3 or i’m guessing week 5, then maybe hold off).  Anyhow, the biggest thing that happens is that Vanni asks Emma to trust that he’s going to be monogamous while he’s in France for his race, and at the same time asks her to trust that they can take the barriers from between them.

Where we’re left is really a ‘secure’ place in things – there’s nothing really complicated right now – we know that they are going to enjoy their time together – but what i was saying before about how the synopsis was a bit misleading, i don’t know that it’s overt that she’s falling for him that hard, so don’t get your hopes up at least in these chapters that you’ll get proclamations or anything like that.  The good thing though is that i know that our lovely author Ms. Kery won’t let us down, so next week should surely bring us not just another dose of passion and heat, but also of complications that we may not yet be expecting.  Enjoy!