Review: The Man I Thought I Trusted (Two-Faced #3) by E.L.Todd

TitleThe Man I Thought I Trusted
Author:  E.L. Todd
Publisher/Year:  Independent 10/15/20
Length:  168 Pages
Series: Two-Faced #3


I’m not the kind of woman to hold a grudge, so I forgive Dax for the lies he told.

Now we’re happy.

Happier than I ever thought I would be.

It’s the first time we’ve ever really been together, completely honest with one another.

But maybe honesty isn’t always the best policy…

My Thoughts

What a journey we’ve gone on in this series- watching Carson and Dax find their way to each other, break up on a technicality (that frankly wasn’t something that I’d ding Dax on), and then find their way back together. Everyone was rooting for this couple to find their happy ending, and well, it seems as though we get our wish as this third installment continues.

In addition to the story of Dax and Carson, we get to dance around Kat’s misery at not being with Charlie, and knowing that it was because he had a crush on Denise. She’s miserable, and she is now refusing to have any contact or make effort with anyone from the crew. She’s nursing her broken heart, but at the same time, she’s blaming Carson for what happened when that’s truly misplaced anger.

We watch how the idea of another happy couple is put in the balance because everyone’s afraid to act and then there’s the worry that opportunity will pass them by. Will we get happy endings for anyone else in this series?

Back to our mains – we watch their relationship grow stronger, and we watch Dax make a determination that Carson is who he wants to be with forever. He lays out his ideas for what forever can look like. He wants Carson to move in with him, be his wife and the mother of his children. At the same time, he continues to worry about the danger that she puts herself in every time she investigates a new article. He asks her to compromise and step back from that line of work, and we know that it’s going to blow up in his face.

Speaking of those dangerous articles, you’ll remember in book 2 when Carson was investigating a story about a pharma company that wasn’t on the up and up. The CEO of that company threatened her, and we have seen him now on another occasion stalk her and try to intimidate her. We know that there’s going to be an unhappy ending here and i’m afraid of what will happen to Carson since we know that she can’t give up a story.

We get the sense that Carson and Dax are on the path to forever, until she’s asked to sign a prenup. We know that she doesn’t care about his money and is happy to sign her rights away, but the manner in which it’s done, well, she pulls the plug since she feels like she was taken advantage of. We see their love story end and they both know that there’s no turning back. All we can hope for at this point is that she’s able to rebuild her life and move on.

Answered my own question from above right? It’s a roller coaster for sure in this story. Watching romances start and grow. Watching others grow and then crash and burn. Watching friendships shatter and then seeing how happy news potentially brings them back together. We see a tense stalker situation arise which puts lives in danger and we see the story come to an end. You can only guess what the future holds for this cast of characters, but I will say that this final installment has all the excitement that you’d hope for a closeout. Romance, passion, hate, love, fear, hope… it leaves me needing something else to read. Enjoy!