Review: The Claiming (The Submissive Series #8.5) by Tara Sue Me


Title: The Claiming
Author: Tara Sue Me
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Publishing 9/20/16
Length:   88 Pages
Series:  The Submissive Series #8.5


Submitting is just the beginning…
Sasha Blake never thought her emotional wounds would heal—that they were a part of her just like her physical scars. But that was before Cole Johnson’s boundless love and overwhelmingly sexy control set her free, unleashing a confident side that she never knew she had. He’s more than just her Master; he’s her world. And she’ll do anything he asks…

Cole’s days of restless wandering are done—he’s found everything he needs in Sasha. Now, it’s time to make it official. When his childhood home in England goes up for sale, he realizes the old estate is the perfect place to claim Sasha as his own, and the ideal opportunity to show her just how much she means to him.

As Sasha, Cole, and their closest friends from their Partners in Play community descend on the British countryside for a titillating adult vacation, the submissives and Dominants alike will test their boundaries—and have an adventure none of them will ever forget…

My Thoughts

We read the full length installment of how Cole and Sasha came together – she was recovering from a brutal scene from months ago and Cole was chosen to see if he could re acclimate her to the lifestyle.  little did anyone expect that they would grow from a D/s mentoring relationship to something more.

What we have in this novella is a continuation of their story.  Sasha and Cole are going to the UK where Cole has just purchased his childhood home.  It of course puts Sasha a bit off balance as she’s concerned that maybe it means that he wants to move to the UK, but it’s something they will work through together if need be.

Cole invites a few other couples, Abby/Nathaniel and Julie/Daniel to go with them and what we get is a fun filled few days of playing in the English countryside. While we all enjoy fun and games, and some great BDSM scening, there’s always a crimp in things and this time it comes in the form of Mary Catherine, a girl who Cole kissed when he was 13, and a girl who has jealousy issues.

It’s rather entertaining to see how that all plays out since there’s no lack of trust or security between Sasha and Cole.  Abby takes it upon herself to lay it all out for MC and it’s really quite the scene there.

I think that the overall culmination of this trip is so sweet and heartfelt that it makes you want to read more in the coming installments to this series since i feel like it’s never going to end.  We’ve met Fritz, the man who taught Cole all that he knows and i think there’s a good story there.  There’s also the constant reminder of kate which makes me think that there’s going to be more as well.  The teaser for the next book due out in a month gives us a new character still but i think that it’s going to be just as steamy, passionate and complex as all the others.  Enjoy!

Review: The Exhibitionist (Submissive #6) by Tara Sue Me


Title:  The Exhibitionist
Author: Tara Sue Me
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Group Publishing 11/3/15
Length:  304 pages
Series:  Submissive #6


How far can a true submissive romance go?  Abby and Nathaniel push their limits as the New York Times bestselling Submissive Series continues.…

She’s ready for even more.…

When Abby West discovered her submissive desires, she felt like she was born anew. But lately, her Dominant husband hasn’t been the demanding Master who once fulfilled her every passion. Abby begins to crave something else—and to wonder if Nathaniel can still push her past her boundaries to the places she craves.

Nathaniel knows that Abby belongs to him completely, but even he can’t ignore the pleasure on her face as they get to know their new BDSM group. They’ve invited Nathaniel to guide their group to a new level, and he’s promised to show them the way, even as he recommits to fulfilling his beautiful submissive wife’s every desire. Only this time, uncovering her sexual limits may also expose their relationship to more conflict than it can withstand.…

My Thoughts

I love this series and i love that even though there’s the spin-off, we still get to stick with this couple that’s so amazing and in it for the long haul.  What’s really nice about what our author does with them, is that she makes them REAL.  Totally completely real.  there are struggles with them that are normal, there’s concerns of things getting stagnant and expected – there are everyday struggles that we can relate to and that’s something that you don’t always see in writing.

Throughout this 6th installment to the series, we’re seeing that Abby has this ‘need’ of sorts that is coming out more and more.  She’s fully consumed with the BDSM lifestyle, but there are facets that intrigue her more.  Being watched, doing things in public really seem to turn her on, and Nathaniel is afraid that it means that HE’s not enough.  It’s one of the few times that we see him really doubting himself and it’s nice.  He’s all powerful and authoritative in all else that he does so this is nice.

The other bits of this story is that we’re seeing further growth and development between the other couples in the Partners in Play group and that’s nice.  We’ve already gotten to see 2 full stories of those couples and it’s nice to see the lead in to yet another with Cole and Sasha.  I feel like there is so much to be seen about how each dom has their own style that it’s going to make for great reading.

Back to Abby and Nathaniel though, it’s nice to see how they are growing, 10 years in, and how their lifestyle is still really important to who they are.  There are challenges – other people in the mix, Charlene specifically in relation to how Abby feels w/ Nathantiel’s employee, and that all shakes out in an interesting way.

True to form, we get some AMAZING scening with these couples.  It’s not even about how elaborate the scene is really – it’s about how clear the connection is that’s written between them all that i can’t get enough of.  It’s hot, there’s chemistry leaping off the pages and it’s something that i feel i’ll never get enough of.  On that note – i can’t wait until the next installment which i believe is coming in a few weeks.  Happy friday all!

Review: The Collar (Submissive #5) by Tara Sue Me


Title:  The Collar
Author: Tara Sue Me
Publisher/Year: Penguin Publishing 7/7/15
Length: 336 pages
Series:  Submissive #5


Nathaniel and Abby are struggling to navigate the challenging waters of their own relationship, when they get a surprising phone call from their partners in play, Dena and Jeff, who are in need of a helping hand…

Seven years ago, blonde, beautiful lawyer Dena Jenkins was tired of her carefully controlled life. Desperate for something exhilarating to help her escape the pressures of her demanding job and her senator father, she joined a steamy, local BDSM club as a submissive. There she met brooding Dominant, Jeff. The attraction between them was undeniable, and, despite Dena’s doubts, they couldn’t stay away from each other.

Except, as the years have passed, their blazing connection has proven difficult to maintain. Dena and Jeff have a history they’d rather forget, but Dena can’t let go of the past, and Jeff is ready to move across the country to give her space. Now, to save their passion, they’ll have to rediscover what it means to trust each other—and give themselves to each other completely…

My Thoughts

To be honest, the first little paragraph here isn’t necessarily true.  Nathaniel and Abby aren’t really brought in to help Dena and Jeff – they are just there when their help is found to be useful.  Regardless, i think that from what we know of that first couple, and the series that we’ve enjoyed with them so far, we’ll have a great read with any additional supporting characters.

In this next installment, we have a lot of back and forth in jumps in time so that we can see how the relationship between Jeff and Dena was established and ultimately broken.  I think that their issues were certainly valid – but what we know from this genre, coming from vastly different backgrounds is never enough to keep a couple apart.  Once they manage to overcome that, (Dena being wealthy, a senator’s daughter and very very intelligent, and Jeff being a high school drop out), well we see that one hurdle is never enough.  There’s so much more that happens here, that i’m surprised there’s even a chance to rekindle, and throughout this story- i don’t know that they will.  That’s the big question.

Opposed to the great scening that we typically get from Tara Sue Me, in this installment, it’s a lot of ‘delayed gratification’ – meaning that we see that Jeff doesn’t allow himself to invest his soul and emotions back into anything with Dena, and as a result, we see a lot of basic BDSM but nothing that’s typical of this series.  You get to learn a lot – for sure – but it’s not the same rough deep passion that we’ve come to expect.  Don’t get me wrong, it certainly helps the case of this story – and it’s actually something that works well – letting us see that things are never going to just fall into place as you want.

The other bit of this story – is that while they are trying to figure out how to not hate each other, we know that Dena’s being threatened by someone, yet we don’t know motive and the person.  While i’m typically able to figure out twists quickly, this one threw me for most of the story.  I didn’t know who ti could be and surprisingly, the person that i thought it was going to be turned out to NOT be that person.  The question though is how close will this person get to hurting Dena and will Jeff, Nathaniel or Daniel be close enough to be able to help.

I’m happy to say that this series will be continuing.  I wasn’t sure where the next phase of things could go since we know that Nathaniel and Abby are in a pretty good place, but where our author is taking things next is sure to be hot and steam.  with a name like Exhibitionist, i think that we’re going to see a lot of hot activity in the playroom and that’s something that i love from Ms. Me.  I hope that we get to see more than just that happy couple participate since i think that something she’s great at writing is the interactions between couples when it’s not just emotion but the physicality of being in a D/s relationship.  It’ll be hot i’m sure – where this installment was a bit more sweet – and i’m sure we won’t be disappointed.  On that note – Happy Monday all and have a great week!