Review: Walking Disaster (Beautiful Disaster #) By Jamie McGuire


Title: Walking Disaster 
Author: Jamie McGuire
Publisher/Year: Atria Books, 4/2/13
Length: 438 pages
Series: Beautiful Disaster #2

I love the trend of stories that are done in the male lead’s POV, and this was exactly that.  I think that we can all happily say that the story of Travis and Abby was one of great passion (be it good bad or otherwise) so it was nice to see it from Travis’s side of things.

What i really enjoyed about this story is that while in BD we got the sense that Travis had this past that made him into a tough guy, it’s really more to the point that his mother’s passing was the reason that he was the way that he was.  His mother’s parting words were to ‘fight for what you love’ and because of that, he found that he was wary of loving and then found that it was really hard to do that.

The journey that walking disaster took us on was one of jealousy and uncertainty.  i think that Travis really didn’t think that he was worthy of anything, of being good enough for someone that was good and even that he was worthy of his family.  he grew past the struggles of a father who had a hard time adjusting to being a widower and 4 older brothers that were tough guys on their own.

Regardless, i think that it was a nice perspective – there were a few scenes that we didn’t delve into in this installment since in BD they were solely about Abby, but there were also pieces that we got to see in this that we missed out on.  We saw more of the gritty side of things – with Travis going to the local bar/club a lot more since that’s who he was.  we saw his relationship with his fraternity brothers which i don’t know why i don’t remember that much from BD

All in all, the BEST part i think was the epilogue in this installment.  I didn’t think that we were going to get that story at all – and i think that i was a FANTASTIC addition and closure to the whole story.  If for nothing else, this just shows that you can have a ‘stand alone’ story with a reverse POV and wrap it up all nicely so that there’s no want for another book in the series.  NICELY DONE is basically what i can say about this book.

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

after reading this book all in one sitting (seeing a trend here w/ me?) – i looked online and found out that Jamie McGuire recently went from self publishing to working with a small publishing group.  This is great for all of you guys that haven’t read her stuff and really ought to.


The cover art is kind of what drew me in at first and i’m not sure how that all ties into the actual story, but i have to say that this is a book that i LOVED! and i don’t say that too often i don’t think.

We are introduced to our characters right in the middle of a fight – and that’s kind of the basis of this whole story.  everything for everyone seems to be a fight – but for most, it just works

Abby/Pigeon – Abby is our focus for the book – she’s the one telling the story and she’s the one that we are drawn to.  Abby is a Freshman at ‘Eastern’ University, where she’s gone with her best friend America to escape her past and hopefully hide it.  What is she hiding – well we don’t find that out for a long long time, and you kind of want to think the worst.  The impression of Abby that we’re given is that she’s really naive, and innocent, but if you just listen to how she stands up to people, especially Travis (we’ll talk about him in a sec) – you see that maybe there’s more that her package has to offer.  Anyway, she’s the good girl who falls for the bad boy (Travis) – and yet doesn’t want to fall for him so she instead tries to aim for the friend zone.  which isn’t a good thing anyway.  what i love about her though is that she’s trying to do the right thing and not compromise herself too much when ultimately she puts herself and Travis (and all their friends) through so much more stress than is actually necessary.   her secret mind you – her father was one of the best professional poker players ever until Abby turned 13 and some how managed to have the tables turned and became the better player.

note – i loved that it was Thomas – Travis’ brother that figured it out – that was great

Travis – he’s THE guy from every book that’s got massive sex appeal and a temper, yet you want to root for him.  you just know that there’s going to be some innocent little thing coming along to make him turn his life around and this time it was Abby (or Pigeon as he likes to call her)  Travis grew up hard, as he likes to say, little money, drunk father (who changed – and from what we see is actually a great father after all) and lots of older brothers.  he had to fight to survive in his family and how he is now is a result of that.  what i still don’t get w/ him though is how he’s such an amazing fighter.  no one can beat him, yet that can’t just be from dodging punches from family can it?
America/Shep – these are our usual suspects of supporting characters.  america is Abby’s best friend from Kansas *ahem* Vegas  who’s goal is to make sure that 1) Abby’s identity is a secret 2) make sure Abby is happy/safe.  Shep is her boyfriend and ironically enough, Travis’ cousin/roommate.  makes for some cozy stuff right?  anyway, i found that i liked Shep a bit more than America.  I felt like he contributed a lot to the story  the insight on who Travis was and why he did stuff – how he tried to help be voice of reason, and what i LOVED was the scene towards the end when he thinks that Travis is bringing a random girl home, he stomps out and yells at Travis, only then to see that it’s Abby and all is right in the world.  America – well she’s a sweet enough girl, i just didn’t feel like she contributed as much as she probably could have

if you don’t read anything else this week – please get this book.  here’s the short of it:

innocent girl meets bad boy fighter.  eyes lock – instant connection, however girl doesn’t want to be another notch on a bed-post so here comes ‘friend’ strategy.  that kind of backfires when REAL feelings develop between the 2.  virginity is taken, fight ensues, break ups follow – then reunions of course.  a scummy father comes in to the picture luring Abby to help pay off gambling debts – revealing her true identity – calling for a road trip to Vegas – where another BIG TIME fight comes along causing yet another break up and then moping by all folks involved – and then a drunken reunion, followed by ANOTHER trip to vegas where there’s a wedding and everyone lives happily ever after.

yes i made that sound all very cliche and blase – but really it’s a GREAT book, and again, i don’t stay that often – so please just trust me ok?  i’m sitting here waiting on the edge of my seat for ‘Walking Disaster’ – the follow up story all from Travis’ perspective – that’ll be good.