Review: My Alpha Billionaire (#1-4) by Tawny Taylor


Title:  My Alpha Billionaire
Author: Tawny Taylor
Publisher/Year:  Novel mind Books  9/7/13
Length:  262 pages
Series: My Alpha Billiionaire (#s1-4)


Billionaire Shane Trant is used to getting what he wants. What he can’t buy, he takes. When he sees Bristol Deatrich for the first time in over ten years, he knows he wants her. But there’s a problem. Only complete possession of her mind and body will satisfy him. He’s not sure the sweet little Bristol is ready for his brand of extreme carnal play.

Seduced into a new “relationship” with the domineering billionaire Shane Trant, Bristol Deatrich is just beginning to learn the dos and don’ts of being a submissive.

Do: please your master.

Don’t: forget that it’s all a game, only a game. Submission has nothing to do with love.

For her first full weekend with her new dom, she’s flown to paradise. But quickly she learns paradise isn’t all it seems…and neither is the enigmatic man who’d brought her there.

As the old saying goes, all that glitters is not gold.

Domineering billionaire Shane Trant has Bristol Deatrich right where he wants her–back in his life and back in his bed. But Bristol is still reluctant to completely trust him. Their new relationship has been rocky from the start, and she’s still very new to the world of erotic domination and submission. She’s afraid a little rope burn is nothing compared to the pain she may suffer at his hands. This powerful thing between them will either make her better, stronger, or destroy her.

And now, making matters worse, outside forces are trying to pull them apart…

I need her. More than my next breath. More than life itself. I never wanted to need someone.

How did this happen? How did she break through my defenses?

A few short weeks. She’s been the center of my life for that long. Only that long. And yet in that short time she has turned my world on its side. Everything is different now.

Different and better.

Different and worse.

I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I can’t work. I can’t do anything without thinking about her, wondering what she’s doing, aching to touch her, to hear her sweet voice. In just a few weeks she has become the center of my universe.

When I lose her–and I know I will because there isn’t a single person or thing I’ve loved that I haven’t lost–I will be destroyed.

My Thoughts

i’m always a fan of discovering a series of novellas when most or all of them are published and that’s what i’ve stumbled upon here.  I can’t say that i was blown away – i mean it was an average story with some average writing, but at least it kept my interest for about a day so that i could get through it all.

This four installment series introduces us to Bristol at a time that she’s maybe not in the best place.  She’s financially strapped since she’s been paying the mortgage not only on her own home but on her childhood home as well since her mother passed away and she was trying to hold onto it.  When the story opens up, we see Bristol locking up the house possibly after showing it to potential buyers when a man pulls up and seems interested in the home.  What she doesn’t realize at first of course is that she already knows this man.  it’s Shane – the man of her first crush and one of her mother’s closest friends.

Shane has become overwhelmingly successful over the years, enough so that he has turned his father’s small business into a billion dollar empire and he exudes not only the wealth but the power and heat that comes with that level of achievement.  Bristol finds herself drawn to him for any number of reasons now, not only because of her past crush on him.

What she finds though is that the attraction is reciprocated and this starts a whole entirely different level of compromise.  She learns that Shane is of a different lifestyle and has a darker past – a much more complicated past.  Through the series of installments here, we see the struggles that both have to go through to see if they are even willing and able to make it work.  We’re taken on a roller coaster where people continue to get in the way of what they are working for and quite a few occurrences that lead to the demise of their relationship.

While i’m intrigued by where this story could take us, i feel like there were a bunch of places where it just fell a bit short.  I feel like based on other series that i’ve read where things are really pushed just a little bit further than where we’re comfortable, that doesn’t really happen here.  It’s a ‘safe’ version of a story in this genre and that’s not a bad thing persay – maybe a good thing for someone who’s trying to ease their way into the category to see if they’ll enjoy it.

What i’d hope for is a bit more of development around the characters – we keep getting glimpses and hints into some of the darkness that surrounds Shane but he’s always able to talk his way out of things and we never really get any back story.  with Bristol too, things seem like they are ‘just status quo’ for her and i kept wishing that i would get something ‘more’ from her character as well.

I also feel like certain instances throughout the series were tied up nice and clean and very quickly when in other series they would have been more dynamic and drawn out – more suspenseful.  i don’t know if it’s my high expectations or what – but while i enjoyed it, i don’t think that it’s anything more than average.  Sorry for you folks that may enjoy it – i’m open to having my opinion changed 🙂