Review: When We are One (When I’m With You #8) by Beth Kerry


Title: When We are One  
Author: Beth Kerry
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group 4/23/13
Length: 56 pages
Series: When I’m With You series #8

In this 8th installment (chapters 15 and 16) we find ourselves finally in a place that’s not solely about their sexual exploration.  These 2 chapters take us through a struggle in Elise and Lucien’s relationship as well as taking Lucien down quite a dark path himself.  As we’ve been  building up throughout the series an ulterior motive for Lucien moving to Chicago and getting close to Ian, we find in this installment that it all comes to a head.  what we’ve been waiting to learn, we finally uncover and it sets up # 9 (which i believe is the end) really well.

Short and sweet…..


Review: When I Need You (When I’m With You #7) by Beth Kerry


Title: When I Need You
Author: Beth Kerry
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group (USA), 4/16/2013
Length: 68 pages
Series: When I’m With You #7

chapters 13-15 i believe are what we got this week, so i’m thinking that we’re getting close to the end, or maybe just the mid way point.  in any event, we pick up during a night of intense passion between Elise and Lucien since Lucien shows us that his kink is of the highest class with his jewelry inspired gear and his touch of romance by putting a bed on the roof for a night of passion under the stars.

What i liked about this installment is that we see that Lucien’s starting to open up a little bit and that he’s also being mindful of Elise’s abilities and ideas for the future.  In a past installment, Elise had mentioned to Lucien that she wanted to open a very specific type of restaurant, one that caters towards people who are recovering from whatever addictions plague them.  Lucien saw the sense in that both common and business and has made an offer to Elise that would be stupid for her to turn down.

Anyhow, what we get in these chapters this week is the sense that Elise is concerned that her feelings for Lucien aren’t paralleled which i guess we’ll see how it plays out.  we also get a bit more information on the search that Lucien’s doing for his biological mother.

so i guess we’ll have to wait until Tuesday to see what’s next in their story.  enjoy!

Review: When I’m With You (book 6) When you Trust Me by Beth Kerry

Although i feel like i’m getting teased with these short 2 chapter novellas, i have to say that w’ere FINALLY getting somewhere and it’s nice.  When we last left off, Lucien was in Paris trying to deal with the nonsense that’s going on with one of the businesses that he took over when his father went to prison, and Elise was back in Chicago, working at the restaurant and learning to follow the instructions of her dom…..

So in book 6, we learn that there are paranoia issues that Elise has in terms of what she thinks Lucien feels for her, about her and what he acts on.  We know that Lucien has these demons as well…or rather a past that he’s trying to dig through, and this installment is where we begin to make headway.  we finally begin to get a glimpse at what the relationship is with Lucien and Ian and why it has formed.  We see that Lucien is also willing to open up a bit more to Elise and that whatever she thought his feelings/intentions were towards her, they really go a bit deeper and are more honest.

I guess the real question is what will happen from here?  Lucien seems to really be making progress in various investigations that he’s working on but will he find out answers and will he like those answers?  Will Elise be able to keep herself from blurting out things that she shouldn’t and not meddle where shes’ been asked not to?  i have a feeling that she’s going to put her foot in her mouth at some point in the near future (namely a dinner that she and Lucien were invited to at Francesca’s and Ians).

oh, and we get a pretty naughty sex scene on a rooftop and lots of pretty jewels.  what’s better than that right girls?

so i guess we’ll know more next Tuesday.  happy reading! 

Review: When you Submit (When I’m with you #5) by Beth Kerry

As the story continues, we’ve found that Lucien’s discovered some of what Elise has been hiding, yet because of their intense chemistry it doesn’t matter.

We also learn that all’s not well in one of Lucien’s businesses so he’s forced to leave Elise and head back to Paris.  while that happens, he decides that it’s ample time to begin teaching Elise the ways of being a submissive and gives her ‘homework’.

also in this installment, we see the friendship between Francesca and Elise grow so it’ll be interesting to see what pans out there since we know that Francesca’s found out who Elise’s father is, which means that there’s a high liklihood that everyone’s going to find out soon enough that Elise and Lucien have known each other for a long time.

next installment comes in a few days so we’ll see what comes of things then.

Review: When I’m Bad (When I’m With You Part 4) by Beth Kery


Title:  When I’m Bad
Author: Beth Kerry
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group (USA) 3/26/13
Length: 62 pages
Series: When I’m With You Part 4


Lucien knows there’s no going back now—Elise is not a woman a man takes in half measure. It’s all or nothing. In moving forward to make her his—completely—he promises that if she submits she’ll discover what she craves too. The kind of sharp, imperative edge of pleasure she’s never truly known before.

But Elise proves to be such a wild, fiery, and sexually fearsome woman that Lucien wonders if she can ever really surrender to him. When she does let loose, Lucien fears that he is the one getting closer to being burned. As the two of them get deeper into a dangerous sexual dance, Lucien can’t help but wonder if the exquisite firestorm that Elise has ignited could expose his secrets, draw him dangerously close to the edge, and leave his future in ashes.

My Thoughts

Ahh, finally getting into the heat of the story – there were only 2 chapters a mere 59 pages in this installment, but they packed in the heat for sure!  the question is, how hot and steamy does it get?  We know that Lucien likes to control situations especially when sex and sexual activities are involved but Elise doesn’t seem like the kind of girl to give up power and control.

I’m still trying to figure out when the truth of things will come out and what’s going to happen….will Elise’s inexperience show through?  will we ever find out what’s so mysterious about Ian and Lucien’s relationship and what information Lucien has ?

i guess i’ll have another week to wait to find out if we learn more in part 5

Review: When I’m With You (Part 3) by Beth Kery

As the story continues, we see that the growing attraction has hit a wall, or rather may have broken through that wall.  what we’ve learned is that our favorite couple from the ‘Because You Are Mine” is engaged and they are having a party to celebrate.  Lucien brings Elise with him to the party and she deftly manages to avoid having Lucien see the hole that she lives in so her situation remains concealed.  When things at the party turn in various directions, both between them and for Lucien and Ian (remember that there was a conversation that elise had overheard of Lucien talking to someone about Ian in a way that seems maybe less than on the up and up), well there’s a phone call that Ian receives that Lucien overhears again and again Elise catches him and wants to know what the allure there is.

in any event, several folks leave, secrets are given up, there’s a brawl included somewhere in there, and who knows where all this will lead.

can’t wait until Tuesday when part 4 is out!

Review: When I’m With You (Part 2) by Beth Kery

The story continues on with Lucien and Elise treading on uncertain territory.  They’ve agreed that there’s a strong attraction there and that it’s something that they are choosing to take action on.

Lucien finds himself w/o a head chef after firing Mario and thinks that he’s hired someone else to fill in when surprise surprise Elise is the one that’s taking lead of the kitchen.  that’s where things really continue since he’s found that he’s become more responsible for her and really feels like he owes it to himself and to her to be protective.

The steamy relationship continues to build and we can only imagine what’s going to come next….

Will they give into their relationship and will that cloud a working relationship?  will she continue to work for Lucien since we know that he doesn’t like that idea?  Will the secret of Elise’s ‘poverty’ come out?

Review: When I’m With You (Part 1) by Beth Kerry

Beth Kerry really has cornered the market on novellas i think, both she and Sara Fawkes have mastered the idea of the short tease leading into the next part that will carry you on the edge of your seat to the next book.

So in When I’m With You, we find ourselves in the tale of Lucien who we met back in ‘Because you’re Mine’ when we learned that he was the owner/manager of Fusion a restaurant housed in Noble Towers, owned by sexy and mysterious Ian Noble.  Ian had fallen for Francesca who was painting a picture for the foyer of his tower and the relationship bloomed from there.

The great thing with that story is that we saw a bit of Lucien to know that he was mysterious as well, very sexy and had a past that kept women on edge.  Francesca even had a moment or two around him that made you wonder what really made Lucien Tick.

So in this first story, we find ourselves in Fusion where Lucien thinks that someone has broken into his restaurant only to find his head chef there with a female who didn’t seem to really care much for the advances of the chef.  low and behold, Lucien soon realizes that he knows this woman from his past and that she brings along her own kind of trouble.  (both the bad and the very very good kind).

We’re then quickly taken on an introduction ride with them as they find themselves in very new territory from their last encounter and it’s interested to see the push and pull since both seem to be the control types.  Lucien quickly establishes himself as the dominant here and orders Elise to be his submissive and this story goes on from there.

What i find interesting is that Lucien, as aware as he is, doesn’t realize that all may not be what it seems with Elise, and Elise herself knows that she was privvy to information years ago that she shouldn’t know but she doesn’t quite know what she heard from Lucien and therefore doesn’t know the implication.  I can only imagine all these juicy details will unfurl themselves over the course of this ‘series’.