Re-Review: Legend by Marie Lu

With the sequel coming out really soon, i decided that i needed a refresher and reminder of what happened in the first installment of the Legend series.  Boy was i glad that i took another read because i thought i really enjoyed the book before and now i love it.  i think that it was one of the first dystopian genre types that i read, and it was a good lead into one of my favorite types of books.

In any event, we are introduced to June in a post revolution society where there’s no such thing as The United States of America – that’s a thing of the past that no one quite believes in but instead a war between the Republic (which June is a part of), and the Colonies.  there’s a 3rd group in the mix as well – the Patriots who are an underground group that kind of works to over throw the republic (most likely the colonies as well)

So….back to June – she’s 15 maybe, and she’s supposedly the only person in the Republic to have ever scored a perfect 1500 on her Trials.  The trials are a series of tests that each 10 yr old has to take that determines their path.  There’s a test, physical evaluation and interview.  June scored perfect and was put on an accelerated path into and out of school and up the ranks.  her brother Matias is also some what of a genius and he’s a captain in the military for the Republic.  He also serves as a guardian and parent to June since their parents ‘died in a car accident’ years earlier.

Then in a parallel story we meet Day who is from one of the poor sectors and who ‘failed’ his trails.  As a result he was sent to the labor camps and escaped his fate there, turning to a life on the streets, and somewhat of a life of ‘crime’.  He’s made a name for himself with his ability to ellude the military and the republic, to commit crimes against the Republic and evade capture and even identification for the last 5 years.  It’s rather impressive if you think about it – for someone that ‘failed their trials’ don’t you think?

June’s and Day’s paths cross when one night while on patrol at the hospital, Matias is killed and it’s thought to be from Day’s doing.  June goes on the hunt for both Matias’ killer and Day who are supposed to be one and the same.  She manages to locate Day, get somewhat close to him, help the military capture him and that’s when things all go pear-shaped.

One of the best things about this story is that even though you really are expecting everything that happens for the first 2/3 of the story – the last few chapters are kind of on a path of their own.  you hope that you’re right about a few things, and know that you are about others yet you don’t quite know where the sequel is going to take you.  this makes me so anxious for Prodigy – book 2 in the series since i want to know what happens to all the key players and what becomes of their stories.

1) What happens with June?

2) what has happened with Day?

3) What’s happening to society and what direction will it take?

4) do you like Thomas? (just one that i’m throwing in there) – i don’t

5) what’s the story behind Chian and Commander Jameson?

6) does Anden play a role in the 2nd book?  i feel like he should but he was only mentioned in like 1-2 pages in Legend


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