Review: Club Luxe: Tortured Heart (Billionaires Underground #4) by Olivia Noble


Title:  Club Luxe:  Tortured Heart
Author: Olivia Noble
Publisher/Year: Loretta Lost 12/12/14
Length: 107
Series: Billionaires Underground  #4


Victoria has never felt so enraged in her life. Everything is going to hell and she is determined to fix the downward spiral. She doesn’t care who the enemy is; nothing is going to stop her from saving Malcolm.
With his back against the wall yet again, Malcolm has been pushed to his breaking point. Enough is enough. He is tired of suffering at the hands of his rivals who think that they can steal his family, his business, and his life. Now, trapped and helpless, Malcolm knows that the only way out is to fight. He will not let Victoria get ripped away from him the same way his daughter was so many years ago. This time, there is no way he can avoid getting blood on his hands. For now, he might seem like the underdog…
But the king of kink is exactly where he wants to be.

My Thoughts

While the point in the story that we’re at is really exciting, this is maybe my least favorite of all of the installments.  there’s a lot going on, but there’s really not a lot that changes.  We know that Malcolm is out for his daughter – he’s trying to get to her, yet somehow, on purpose or not, he’s captured, and is left to sort out a plan from the inside as a means to bring Brant down and save Claire.  Things go awry of course since we know that whatever he’s asked of Victoria won’t happen, and Claire’s position of course is changed yet again.  We also learn that locking Malcolm up is the least of his worries – Brant is out to ruin Malcolm’s name as well, and has come up with a means to destroy his business back in the US.

Where we go in this installment is down the path of trying to save the ones that you love – and trying to clear your name.  We know that both Victoria and Malcolm are at the same point in the relationship where they love each other – and will do just about anything for each other – and that will be put to the test.

It’s the surprising help from one of the men that Brant has guarding the place that really makes things turn.  The question of course is whether Victoria’s trust in him is warranted and smart, and when we learn the identity of this person, it makes you question things even more.  We are taken from Argentina, back to Chicago, and i think that we all know that when things seem like they may be working out, all hell will break loose.

The good bits in this story though were that once we get back to Chicago, we see the heat and passion heat up again with this duo.  They have a moment or 2 to breathe, and they aren’t afraid to get into it.  straight away.  It’s hot of course and i think that the passion and romance is still there with them for the long haul.

Between you and me, i’m really curious about the sub-story of Dominic and Chloe and i hope that when it’s all said and done, we get a bit more about them.  I really like Dominic and he’s definitely the brains behind the operations.

So…didn’t love it, but i guess we needed this piece of the story to get us to what’s going to be a great finale (assuming that this is a 5 book series) – and we’re waiting for the heat to come with the ‘Blood Duel’ as well as finding Claire before it’s too late.  Elizabeth turns up as well and who knows what her motives are and if they are honest.  so all in all, average and well….enjoy.

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