Release Blitz: Bailey by Amy Beth


Title: Bailey
Author: Amy-Beth
Series: Mistaken Series
Release Date: October 16, 2015
Not many people could thank there asshole of an uncle for
much, me on the other hand could thank him for one thing, and one thing
only…Morgan. Waking up in a hospital room was not on my bucket list. However,
it’s over, no-more assholes thinking they can take what is mine, what belongs
to me! Or at least that is what I thought….

I didn’t expect the years would have this effect
on me. I’m the badass here, I am not weak, I don’t back down from a fight. So
why the hell, when I walk into a room, a flash back comes back so powerful it
could be as if I am reliving it all. I am supposed to be the strength, the
protector and I am just being a coward.

That was until Mia came along, and news which
would shake me to the core.

My name is Bailey and I am the son of the Infamous
Harry ‘Fucking’ King, and now it’s time for my story…so you better pay
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Author Bio:
Amy Beth is the author of the dark erotica Mistaken Series,
Christmas with the Dragon and other soon to be releases. After reading books
from her favourite authors she decided to take the bull by the horns and get
the story that has been driving her crazy for years out there.

Amy lives with her partner in crime Paul in Wigan, England and has
been living there for many years. A blogger at heart she is never too far away
from a good book. Even when she is working in her retail job, the kindle isn’t
too far behind.

Reading has always been a passion and every opportunity to read is
taken, even when Amy is on holiday. (Was even reading a ARC on her wedding
day). Books whether reading, writing or reviewing have always come first to
everything else in my life, unless Vampire Diaries or The Original’s are on the

Amy has a serious love of Reese’s peanut butter cups, KitKat
peanut butter, root beer oh and don’t forget the crunchy cheetos. (seriously
doesn’t help with her weight loss at Slimming World.

Amy Beth’s biggest problem is, she is  NEVER off Facebook and
counts on all her friends to keep her going. Feel free to add or follow Amy,
she will always be around. Her mobile is like an old fashioned
landline…always plugged into the mains.

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