Review: Make Me Desperate (Make Me #4) by Beth Kery


Title: Make Me Desperate
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Publishing 4/26 /16
Length:   82  pages
Series:  Make Me #4


Jacob and Harper push the boundaries of danger and desire in the next installment of the alluring serial novel from New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery…
Jacob’s addiction to Harper is putting his life’s work at risk, but he can’t deny himself the pleasure he feels when he’s with her. Even when her seeming refusal to acknowledge their past connection makes him doubt her true intentions, he finds himself pushing their affair further, insisting Harper submit to their attraction, even in the most compromising of circumstances.

As their encounters become even more lavish, daring, and intimate, Harper aches to break down the walls around Jacob’s heart. But she fears his secrets conceal a dark side she’s not ready to face. When he suggests a weekend in San Francisco together, she accepts despite her doubts about getting involved with such a guarded, powerful man. There’s something about him that keeps her coming back for more. He claims he’s obsessed, but she is every bit as compelled…

My Thoughts

Ahh, the story continues, and it’s interesting how willing Jacob is in letting Harper into his life, and being so willing to let her see everything that’s in his private life, especially when he doesn’t let anyone in.  so…Where we go in this fourth installment is more along the lines of the development of whatever it is that they are doing sexually than anything else.

We get the continued flashbacks to see in to what happened when they were younger, and Jacob has been asking around to find out if there’s really a chance that Harper remembers nothing because of being hypnotized, however there are ‘tells’ that we get where Harper is beginning to sense that they know each other from a past life, but isn’t sure how to figure that one out.

There are supporting characters that may become a problem as we see this story evolve.  Elizabeth, Jacob’s assistant obviously doesn’t like the flexibility that Harper’s being allowed, the access that she has without any care.  We also see that there’s a reporter who works with Harper that seems to think that she’s his ticket to bigger and better things through her relationship with Jacob.  Personally, i feel like both are going to be problems, but that’s all assuming that these 2 main characters don’t come between themselves first.

True to Beth Kery’s style, we get some uber hot scenes, they are so heated and steamy that you know what it is exactly that Jacob wants and what Harper is willing to give, and then they push it just a bit further.  It’s so hot that you don’t even care of they have issues coming back to their past, you just love how hot it is now.

On to the wait for next week for #5.  have a great day all!

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