Review: Do Not Disturb (Salon Games #4) by Stephanie Julian


Title: Do Not Disturb
Author: Stephanie Julian
Publisher/Year:  Penguin Publishing 6/6/15
Length:   221 Pages
Series:  Salon Games #4


A seductive affair is twisted by secrets in the latest Salon Games novel from the author of Over Exposed.

To the outside world, Dane Connelly is the playboy heir of a media mogul, his life a series of one-night stands with no commitments. Only in the Salon does he satisfy his darker urges with willing partners. Life was perfect…until his best friend fell in love. Now Dane knows exactly what he’s been missing—and exactly who he wants.

Talia Driscoll enjoys creating perfection. She loves bright, glittery parties and fairy tale weddings. But she knows the illusion is short-lived. Nothing lasts forever and everyone lies to get what they want. After all, she lies about her true identity every day.

After an explosive night at the Salon, Dane is determined to sway the reluctant Talia to be his completely.  But the secrets that keep them apart are at odds with the erotic passion that draws them together…

My Thoughts

Here i thought we were going to get a saga about Baz and instead we get another leading lady and gentleman, ones that we’ve really not seen before.

We meet Talia who is the wedding planner for Annabelle, but also in the tight knit group of friends who are all best friends, her belle, kate,and Bree.  That means that we know that we’re going to get a lot of girl power and lot of great insights all around.

We meet Dane, who’s best friends with Jared and also had an interesting bond with Belle and Jared – he’s been a staple part of their threesome for some time now, and there’s a lot of love in there, but lucky for everyone, it’s not a love that will get in the way of the wedding.  and lucky for him, it’ll open himself up to the chance that maybe there’s a girl who’s worthy of more than a one night stand.

So in this next installment, we get to see how Dane conquers his fears of having a relationship, and Talia overcoming her own desire not to have one as well.  She’s got her own dark and secret past that no one knows about and she’s always feared that if she let someone in, they would learn it all and her life would end.

Throughout this story, we get exactly what i love from Ms Julian.  We have a lot of play time in the Salon and hot and steamy isn’t even the right word for it.  If you like to watch, you get an eye ful and it’s soo sexy and passionate that you can’t help but need to take a breath.  Then there’s the fact that the scenes are so descriptive and you feel like you’re right there with Talia and Dane that there’s only so much you can take until they find their way out of their sex haze.  Intense right?

So as you can expect, it’s only a matter of time that Dane’s secret of being part of the Belle/Jared threesome comes out and then it’s a matter of time before Talia’s past comes to kick her in the butt – so it’s really just a question of what that will that do to them, if what they have is strong enough to make it and if they even want to try.  I think that it’s a really well played finale to the story – and i’m guessing that it may be the end of the series – but not quite sure.  All in all, very happy.  have a good night all!

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