Review: The Scotch Royals (Scotch #3) by Penelope Sky

Title: The Scotch Royals
Author:  Penelope Sky
Publisher/Year:  Createsapce Publishing 8/21/17
Length:  432 pages
Series:  Scotch #3


London is a lot more useful than I anticipated. She gets me what I need like a pro. 

With her by my side, I feel like I can do anything.

My need for revenge is dimmed. My anger is contained. 

But her brother is still a problem. She wants me to let him go.

I’m not sure if I can.

My Thoughts

There are so many directions that this finale of the series could go, and i think that we are really just holding our breath to figure out where everyone will end up. We know from the last installment that London and Crewe were falling in love. They had something that really seemed real, until Joseph came in and messed everything up. Storming the house and shooting Crewe. trying to take Ariel captive, and London losing everything that she held dear. The idea of happiness was impossible from here on out. or was it?

This installment makes everyone a bit more human, and when i say everyone, i mean everyone. Crewe shows that the heartbreak and embarrassment that he felt when Josephine left him was nothing compared to the pain and inability to live life now that London is gone. All the women in the world, including his regulars like Sasha aren’t enough to make him whole again. London gets back to her life in New York, be it a bit behind since she can’t enroll back into medical school for a year.. but she tries to make things work, with an apartment, a job, and trying to find a man who will take her mind off of Crewe.

The mantra out of sight out of mind isn’t possible and the effort that they each put forth at various times in the story to get the other back is something to be commended. London goes to Scotland to try to win him back. When that doesn’t work, He goes to New York to try to win her back. The problem that we learn though is that love isn’t enough and that there are unbreakable things that they are not willing to compromise on that make things all that much more difficult. When they think they’ve made progress, they find that they are still no better off. Someone will be miserable and it’s just a matter of who that will be each chapter.

Ariel takes center stage at different points in this book and to be honest, i’ve begun to question her motives and wonder if she’s working for/with Crewe or against him. Throughout this series she’s gong out of her way to make sure that London isn’t seen as a long term option and she’s gotten into both Crewe and London’s head about what can be their reality. She goes so far as to issue Crewe an ultimatum which results in her leaving the company, and when London sees that Crewe can’t function without Ariel, she ultimately has to make a deal with the devil to get Ariel back.

This of course results in even more heartbreak, another attempt at death, and well, no one is happy. Joseph tries to be the good big brother to help London survive, he tried to ‘not hate’ Crewe and in turn, they found common ground and things were looking up. Until Ariel stepped in. And that’s when Joseph had to step back in to help things along.

There were always these underlying bits of the story that Crewe needed to marry someone royal. That Ariel had this need to force him to build his business in excess. That Crewe needed revenge against the man who killed his family. That London lost her freedom and her life as a professional. There are so many things that it’s impossible to imagine how they will resolve, but some how our author does it. seamlessly.

And…with amazing chemistry and passion between our leads. Their dynamic is different from that of the leads on the other adjacent stories that she’s written and I don’t understand how that’s possible. All these men are so similar in their underworld dealings, but they are so different in compassion, demeanor and ability to change. It’s hot, romantic and steamy all at the same time. Now i have to find a new series to jump into since i need another fix – so enjoy!

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