Review: The Billionaire’s Voice (The Sinclairs #4) by JS Scott

Title: The Billionaire’s Voice
Author:  J.S. Scott
Publisher/Year:  Amazon Publishing 8/30/16
Length:  230 Pages
Series: The Sinclairs #4


As an extreme-sports mogul, billionaire Micah Sinclair is comfortable taking risks. But nothing—and no one—has ever challenged him like Tessa Sullivan. He’s fascinated by the woman who’s overcome so much, including the loss of her hearing. The petite blonde dynamo, a small-town restaurateur on the Maine coast, is the most courageous person he knows, and he wants her in his bed. Now all he has to do is convince Tessa to explore their desire.

After a lifetime of loss, Tessa’s finally come to terms with her limitations. Or she would, if a certain sexy businessman weren’t pushing her to want more. And to want him. All her remaining senses are clamoring for her to touch, taste, and feel. But her doubts tell her to go slow when their passion gets too hot.

Micah’s determined to prove to Tessa that she can still have everything she’s ever wanted, including his love. But will she listen to her head—or her heart?

My Thoughts

We all loved Tessa in the stories before. While she wasn’t a main main friend, she was always on the edges, especially since she and her brother have the best place in town to eat lobster rolls. She has an interesting story.- being an olympic skater when she was younger, before she lost her hearing, seeing what she went through when there was a guy that was changing everything that she believed in to make her feel special, and then when she lost her hearing, she was dropped. That story alone – the loss of her hearing makes it all that more intriguing to read her story now and see her get her happiness.

Micah on the other hand, he’s an interesting one as well. We know that that branch of the Sinclairs – they all push boundaries, and they all live on the edge. Micah likes his extreme sports and he’s a bit edgier in that sense, striving for the rush that he gets from It all, and he’s turned it into a business that’s flourishing on it’s own.

When we saw their worlds collide in the previous installment, we know that there was chemistry and attraction, and it’s no surprise that their story is going to be one that’s even more exciting. Micah finds that there are so many things about Tessa that make him want to hang around and want to know more and that’s something that Tessa is completely unaccustomed to. She’s not used to any man being interested in her, even sexually so this makes for a complex situation.

We spend the bulk of this story watching them push each other – Micah pushing Tessa to skate again, to realize that while she’s been independent for the past several years, that she shouldn’t let her fear take over. She’s able to live her life exactly how she wanted to and it’s ok even to hope for Micah to be in in. She’s gotten her place back with the girls, and she’s got this man in her bed that blows her mind.

Micah on the flip side has a girl who likes him for him. She likes the man that he is and while his job scares her, she’s still wildly supportive of what he wants to do because that’s what makes him him.

Things seem to be going well until they don’t – which is part for the course in this series. The man from Tessa’s past who blew her off when she lost her hearing comes back to try to win her back now that he thinks that she’s got her hearing back, and that makes us all wonder what that will mean for her chances with Micah. There’s also this notion that they both felt that what they were doing together was a temporary thing, Micah was always going to go back to New York, and when Tessa gives him an out, he takes it and we have to wonder if Beatrice’s premonitions and the Sinclair ‘love hard and fast’ rules will work here as well.

Watching it play out is thoroughly enjoyable and watching the set up for the last few books is even better. We know that the next goes to Julian since there were several chapters showing his sparring with Kristin, another local Amesport woman, and then there’s Xander – the rock star brother who was clearly troubled by watching and going through the robbery and violent murder of his parents – barely making it out alive himself. And lastly there’s a set up for Liam, Tessa’s brother to get his own story and hopefully to see him become happy as well. So on that note, i’m going to find the next book and dive right in. Enjoy!

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