Review: The Affair: Can’t Stop Thinking of You (The Affair Week #7) by Beth Kery


Title: The Affair:  Can’t Stop Thinking of You
Author: Beth Kery
Publisher/Year: Penguin Group 10/28/14
Length: 74
Series: The Affair #7


Emma discovers startling new secrets about the enigmatic Montand and fears his spiritual wounds are too deep to heal—as New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery’s The Affair continues…

The Affair Week Seven

Emma and Montand’s exhilarating vacation in France takes them from the glamour of a luxury yacht to the dangerous thrill ride of the Montand Grand Prix, but it’s the daring new levels of intimacy they share that leave Emma breathless. Their decadent getaway affords Emma insights into Montand she never anticipated when she learns more of the truth about his damaged childhood, his volatile relationship with his father, and the woman groomed to be Montand’s substitute mother. Emma longs to help him fight his demons and end his suffering, but how can she, when his anger and guilt won’t let him forgive his stepmother…or more importantly, himself?

There’s a storm on the horizon, but for now, there’s sun-drenched sweetness and the naked truth in each other’s arms. Their days together are drawing to a close, giving every touch, every kiss, every moment of sensual submission and possession a wild, desperate intensity. They only have the moment so Emma and Montand surrender to it with total abandon.

My thoughts

So honestly, i’m really curious about this storm that’s on the horizon since things seem to be in a really good place for them – but i guess that’s part of what makes a series good – you’re on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what’s going to come next.  Perosnally, this was one of the more interesting installments, since there was a lot of action.

Where we were in the last book, Emma had finally flown to France to be with Vanni and things looked like they were going to be in a good place.  Personally i felt like the other shoe was going to drop since they kept claiming that Emma was lucky and no one could be THAT lucky – but as it turns out, we’re still waiting.  We see Vanni and Emma growing closer to each other – they are admitting to themselves at least that there are a lot of feelings there and even more than they had planned for.  There’s a lot of trust building between then which is key since we know that Emma still questioned what it was that Vanni was into.

So we’re basking in the South of France, spending time with Niki whom i LOVE on his yacht, and a bunch of other characters whom i could do without.  It’s nice to see the dynamic between Emma and Vanni here especially since everyone keeps telling us about the type of man that Vanni used to be, which is clearly someone different than who he is with Emma.  He’s turned into this caring and protective guy who’s no longer moody and i think that it’s fantastic.

We also finally get to the point in the story where it’s about time for the race.  I’ve been saying for a while that i think a crash is going to happen, and i wasn’t left without having that at least.  The question of course is who crashed and what it means – but that gets sorted out.

I guess what i’m most curious about for the final week since i believe that there are just 8 installments – how will Vanni and Emma resolve themselves, who else is going to try to come in the way of them (Vera maybe?) and what will happen with Amanda.  If there’s really something looming just over the horizon, i’m curious to see who or what it is and what that means for everything.  I hope that it’s nothing too drastic but i suppose we’ll just never know.  (personally i think that Emma’s preggo so that’s perhaps the something but that could just be me).  Anyhow, i hope you guys all enjoy!