Review: Shattered With You (Stark Security #1) by J Kenner

Title: Shattered With You
Author: J Kenner
Publisher/Year:  Martini & Olive 3/23/19
Length:   221 Pages
Series:  Stark Security #1


With his lethal skills and criminal connections, former British agent Quincy Radcliffe has fast become a key asset at the newly formed Stark Security. But Quincy isn’t the man he appears to be.

When the woman whose body he once worshipped and whose heart he broke pleads for his help, Quincy knows he must either turn his back on her or risk revealing his dark secrets to the one woman who can—and will—tear open his old wounds.

For years, struggling actress Eliza Tucker has tried to forget the decadent weeks she shared with Quincy Radcliffe. His smoldering good looks had drawn her in, while his British charm had enchanted her. But it was the wildness of his seduction and the ferocity of his passion that captured her. She’d given herself to him—and he’d shattered her like glass when he’d walked away.

Now, he’s the only person who can help find her missing sister. She’ll use him because she has too. She’ll pay any sensual price he demands. But she won’t fall for him again.

My Thoughts

I have always loved anything related to Stark, and the more people that we’re introduced with through Damian’s web of work and friends, the more complex, interesting and exciting this all becomes. We’ve become close with the Security folks in Starkland – through our time with Ryan Hunter as head of security, moving over to Dallas – who built Deliverance, to all of the guys who now work for SSA. So it’s one of those guys that we get to know deeply in this first installment to the spin-off series.

Quincy – sexy, British, and a man of means, power, money and a dark dark history. That’s exactly the kind of man that we need as our leading man, because we know that nothing will be easy with him, he will fight what he wants every step of the way and it’ll of course take a wonderfully amazing woman to win him over.

Enter Eliza – a girl who was forced to endure far too much at a young age. Her sister raised her because her mom died, her father abused them and the girls had to protect each other, provide for each other and survive.

When they cross paths in London 5 years prior, sparks fly and the following three months turn into the greatest of their lives. Then darkness happens, and Eliza is left to pick up the pieces – thinking that she’ll never get over him.

We find ourselves in the present now, when Emma – Eliza’s sister is missing and the only thing that Eliza can think to do is to impersonate her sister to get to the bottom of what’s going on. The twist here of course is that Emma is a PI with links to some Intelligence agency, so we are about to get deep into something fast.

The case that Eliza’s working on is one that overlaps with one that Quincy is working on, and we see that what was already a tense and stressful task has now becomes layers more complicated. When they see each other, there’s this need to stay away, but the chemistry and attraction is stronger than ever and we all know that there’s no use in fighting it because something that intense and strong is not easily beaten.

The journey that we go on with these two and all of SSA is beyond complex. They work with the organization to get to the bottom of who’s behind a trafficking scheme, who’s kidnapped a princess in the hopes of selling her to the highest bidder, where is Emma through all this and how is she connected.

Every turn we take in this story we begin to wonder who can be trusted, how people are staying one step ahead of them at every turn, especially with the intel, tech abilities and skill that SSA has. Are we able to hope for a happy outcome and what other twists and shockers are going to be thrown our way before the story ends?

What i can tell you is that in true J Kenner fashion, we get some of the hottest scenes ever. The chemistry that Eliza and Quincy shared back in London hasn’t dulled at all, it’s grown hotter and it’s so flammable that anyone near them will go up in flames too. There’s the physical stuff sure, but they bonded on a deeper more emotional level as well, and when Quincy is pushed to share where his demons are and why he walked away all those years ago, you get to see a whole new side. Those ghosts and demons pop up again in the worst way in this story and it’s intense to see how it plays out.

All that being said – i’m sold! this is a great new series and every time we get a new story or series from J Kenner, i wonder how it will be different, engaging, exciting and super hot compared to all others that i’ve read. and yet, it’s ALWAYS done it!

I can’t wait to read Broken with You which is the next book due out in June, because it focuses on Denny, her husband and what definitely won’t disappoint because of the twists and sadness that we’ve already been teased with . So on that note, enjoy!

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