Review: Dirty (Chicago Underground #5) by Skye Warren

Author: Skye Warren
Publisher/Year:  Book Beautiful 4/30/15
Length:  150 pages
Series: Chicago Underground #5


There’s no escape for me. I’m tied to some of the scariest men in Chicago. Bound so tight I’ll never get free.

I’ll do anything to survive, except bring Luke down with me. I won’t taint him. I won’t ruin the one good man I’ve ever met. I won’t turn him into a dirty cop. Except he refuses to let me go.

My Thoughts

The summary of these installments doesn’t do anything to give you a real sense of what the story is about – but….at least you know that you’re going to continue on the exciting journey that Shelly is going on to figure out what her future holds and what drove her into the life that she’s in now, and how she can get out.

We were last with her in the previous installment, watching as she ran to Philip for protection with Ella in the hopes of figuring out who’s behind setting them up and how to get free from Henri. What we have in this second book is the complexities that come with our detective friend Luke and how he and Shelly can never be too far from each other. She uses him to find information, he uses her for his own personal reasons. They both think that they aren’t worthy of one another, but as a result of that fear, we get to see how they open up and learn more about what brought them to the point they are in life.

Earlier, Shelly learned from Jade that Luke was looking for another girl – and that put her on edge. Made her think that any connection and feelings that she felt coming from him weren’t genuine, and that she was a substitute. What we learn in this story is that the other girl is in fact his sister – and shew as taken into the life by Henri and he fears she’s dead since it’s been so many years. He sees things in Shelly that he wants to protect, but what he feels is a strong attraction that he knows will break both of them. He wants to get Shelly out of the lifestyle, but at the same time, he has this vendetta that he needs to fulfill before anything can happen.

We find ourselves in a scenario where they go undercover to learn more information and risk their safety. Then they go to a safehouse that Luke has in the hopes of planning their next moves. There’s so much uncertainty about what will come next and we’re left at the point of the story where information that Shelly had that she held back may come to break up their dynamic. So on that note, off we go to the final installment of the trilogy and I can’t wait to see if they track down Henri, figure out where Daisy is, get Ella back to the life she should have had and figure out themselves. Enjoy!