Review: Royal Heartbreaker (Royal Heartbreaker #6) by Renna Peak & Ember Casey

Title: Royal Heartbreaker
Author: Renna Peak & Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Publishing 10/18/16
Length:   171 Pages
Series:  Royal Heartbreaker #6



Elle means everything to me. But there are things she still doesn’t understand. Still things she doesn’t know about me.

She’s made me a better man. But my new-found conscience might be the very thing that pushes us apart…


Prince Leopold surprises me again and again…but knowing that still doesn’t prepare me for the truth. I knew he had secrets, but I never expected something like this.

This. Changes. Everything.

My Thoughts

Now i can’t figure out if i  was supposed to read this series first or the other since the epilogue queue’s up the other.  oh well.  at least what we have here is a finale and conclusion to the story of Leo and Elle that we needed and deserved.

If roller coaster loop after loop wasn’t enough, well, i think that you get that and more in this final book.  When we think that things are going well for the couple, that they’ve finally managed to sort out a way to be together and live up to what the King wants, things get crapped on again.

No matter how upstanding these two want to be,it seems like there are folks out there to see to their demise.  Stephan, the king’s personal assistant is one such person, clearly a man who’s not content with his place by the king’s side – he decides to take it upon himself to make their lives miserable and hopefully not just embarrass Elle but get her out of Montovia all together.

His schemes of course work in some instances and not in others, and we see quite a bit of world traveling because of this.

The other bit is that we get to see more of the dynamic between the king and his queen because each time there’s a conflict, we see that it has to be taken to dear old dad, and it’s honestly the affect that Penelope the queen has on her husband that makes you think that perhaps there’s still hope.

So the journey here is one that’s filled passion and romance because of course at the heart of things there’s a love story blooming.  But we also have so much tension and anxiety because these two just cannot catch a break and figure out how to be together.

I’m happy to say that we see the beginning of the friendship between Victoria and Elle and that things now make a lot more sense as to how they know each other.  Victoria truly does play a key role for Elle and i think that we saw that in the future tense in a sense in the other series.

All in all, i think that we’ve see relationships grow and get destroyed.  We’ve seen more people become the worst version of themselves, and we see quite a few people out for their own interests that are typically driven by money.  The question becomes is love strong enough to get everyone through it and will there be some sense of closure that works for everyone?  Well that i’m not going to answer for you although i’m sure you know how things end.  Im bummed to be finished with this series but there are other siblings that we know about that perhaps could get their own stories next.  Enjoy!

Review: Royal Heartbreaker (Royal Heartbreaker #5) by Renna Peak & Ember Casey

Title: Royal Heartbreaker
Author: Renna Peak & Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Publishing 9/27/16
Length:   100 Pages
Series:  Royal Heartbreaker #5


Being with a prince is no fairy tale…

The king’s demands are beyond unrealistic. Do we really have to choose between Leo giving up his life and me giving up mine?


Finally, Elle is in Montovia with me. But she didn’t exactly get the welcome I expected. Now I have two choices: give up my title in order to be with Elle, or prove to my father that I can be responsible.

Unfortunately, responsibility for me is easier said than done. Especially when I seem to lose all sense of control around Elle.

There has to be a way to find our happily ever after. Together.

My Thoughts

We’re finally getting to the point where big decisions have to be made and knowing that the King gave Leo an ultimatum, we know that things are going to get worse before they get better.  He’s always going to choose Elle and that’s something that everyone (including themselves) need to live with.

So we find ourselves in the point of the story where relationships can either get stronger or break.  Andrew interestingly enough turns out to be a help finally for them, convincing their father to give Elle and Leo some time to prove themselves.  We also get to meet the princess – we saw a bit of her in Andrew’s story but it’s nice to see that she’s a friend for Elle here, and that’s important for us.

So throughout this 5th installment, we have the continuation of the romance between these two.  they are clearly so well suited for each other, but they have their own challenges to overcome.  Elle needs to continue to be herself, not relying on someone else to survive, and she was born to be a doctor – that’s something that she’s not willing to give up even though Leo thinks that there needs to be a change in how she practices.

Their heat and passion continues to thrive in this story – we see some interesting scenes where antique furniture is broken, and they have to find ways to be even more discreet.  (we’ve yet to see the cabin that Andrew used but i think that’s coming soon).

Anyhow – an ally is found with the Queen – which is expected since the fact that she was a Commoner before marrying the king helps since that’s what part of the issue is with Elle.  All in all, i think that we’re getting to a great point where we get to see how things end up.  We all recall there’s something that comes up in regards to the state dinner since that was the very beginning of the Royals series.  Then there’s the fact that we have yet to really see how Elle befriends our leading lady from that series too since there are no paparazzi that mean much to the family yet.

Enjoy everyone!  I’ll be finishing this series tonight i hope!

Review: Royal Heartbreaker (Royal Heartbreaker #4) by Renna Peak & Ember Casey

Title: Royal Heartbreaker
Author: Renna Peak & Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Publishing 9/6/16
Length:   100 Pages
Series:  Royal Heartbreaker #4


Leo wasn’t supposed to show up in my life again. But now he’s here, asking for one last night with me.

I can allow myself one final fling to get him out of my system, once and for all. And I can protect my heart this time.

Can’t I?


I’ve been without Elle for too long. While she might believe one final night together will be enough for us both, I believe no such thing. All I have to do now is convince her I’m right. That we are right together.

She will be mine again. And this time, it will be forever.

This is Part Four of a six-part contemporary romance serial by bestselling authors Renna Peak and Ember Casey.

My Thoughts

I think that we know where things are going to go with these two, and it’s no where good just yet.  We start out this 4th installment with Leo having run away from Elle while she’s waiting for him in bed, and he finds himself 3 months in the future, in Italy lounging at a resort with a new actress.

It’s interesting to me to see how hard he’s trying to convince himself that he can live without Elle since it was his choice to leave her, and it’s kind of the same for Elle.

We find her in Arizona where she’s just finishing up a 3 month contract at a hospital there, which is something that seems to be the course of action for her – to find short contracts and keep moving around.  She’s on her way to Oklahoma next for a contract, and that’s just when Leo arrives.

So of course, just when Elle’s finally starting to get over the fact that Leo ran out on her, he shows up to sweep her off her feet, and we learn that he’s been planning it for a month now – trying to find a way to convince her to be with him since he’s got these incredibly strong feelings for her.

It’s a mess as expected – Elle doesn’t want to allow him back into her life and heart yet of course it’s something that she can’t control around him.  Leo keeps trying and trying to prove that he’s devoted to her and it’s something that’s so new for him.

So where we end up in this next installment is a place where Leo’s willing to give up everything to be with elle, and Elle is still trying to figure out what she can be or not be with Leo.  There’s tension at the very end of this one, and i think that we see interesting decisions being made by everyone.  The King plays a role of course and we find ourselves finally back in Montovia for the continuation. I love how our authors are taking us on this journey – making it impossible to be an easy road, yet making it worth the fight – sort of.   Enjoy!

Review: Royal Heartbreaker (Royal Heartbreaker #3) by Renna Peak & Ember Casey

Title: Royal Heartbreaker
Author: Renna Peak & Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Publishing 8/16/16
Length:   100 Pages
Series:  Royal Heartbreaker #3


I know my heart will break when this is over. Princes don’t end up with girls like me. And there are many things he doesn’t know about me. Secrets I can never tell anyone.

No matter how many times I tell myself how wrong this is, I can’t resist him. I can’t stop myself.


I thought I could leave Elle. I told myself I was protecting her.

I was wrong.

What should have been nothing more than a distraction has become so much more.  An addiction. An obsession. It’s too late to prevent either of our hearts from breaking now.

My Thoughts

The story continues and boy does it get more complicated.  Elle and Leo are back in LA and they are finally coming to terms with the insane attraction that they have for each other yet they know that there are so many complications and reasons to keep them apart.  they don’t care.

And that has consequences.  There’s a point that Leo decides to leave and yet he can’t stay away.  There are moments when Elle pushes him away because she’s got secrets of her own that are bound to come out if people dig based on a relationship with Leo.  So it means that there has to be an expiration date to things.

Well, that of course  can’t happen when there’s so much heat and passion between them.  It’s when the Papparazzi discover them, and when Andrew and the king make dictates on Leo that things get even worse.  They are holed up in the house and Elle feels scorned by what Leo’s family want, and it seems that Leo doesn’t care.  Or does he?

where we are left off is a point where he realizes that he wants to stay with Elle but it’ll do more harm than good so he can’t – and elle hasn’t quite realized it yet.  So it’ll be interesting to see how that all plays out – since it’s got to get more complicated before it gets better.  Enjoy!

Review: Royal Heartbreaker (Royal Heartbreaker #2) by Renna Peak & Ember Casey

Title: Royal Heartbreaker
Author: Renna Peak & Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Publishing 7/26/16
Length:   100 Pages
Series:  Royal Heartbreaker #2


As a prince, my life is already complicated. I don’t need a relationship making things even more difficult for me.

But there’s something different about Elle. I should know better, but now it’s too late. I find I’m willing to follow her to the ends of the earth, and I’m not sure what’s come over me.  I should have stopped myself while I still could.

She’s revealed herself—exposed her darkest secrets—and even those are not enough to push me away.  I know too much about her now. And something about her makes me crave more.

She’s under my skin. And I won’t rest until she’s mine.

My Thoughts

The story continues and where we left off in the first installment, Leo and Elle sort of starting to come together, well, the replacement doctor walks in 2 days early and ruins the moment.  Of course, that’s not all he ruins since he turns out to be a very well bred doctor who was up for a nobel prize – and he knows all about Elle’s past – something that we don’t quite know yet.

He’s set on making everyone as uncomfortable as possible, yet he doesn’t quite realize who Leo is yet and that adds to some of the humor.

The path of this next story is one where we see Elle leave the clinic and go home, but to what – she has no idea since she’s got nothing really good going for her because of her past (which we learn in this book).  Then we see Prince Andrew appear because Leo’s valet Mattias called the king, and Andrew has come to clean things up.  Well, we all know how much of a ‘stiff’ Andrew is, so it’s not surprising at all that the story takes yet another poor turn.

Once Elle is back at home in LA, she finds that Leo has managed to beat her to her home and has had it cleaned and maintained.  That scores brownie points which of course leads to them finally allowing themselves to discover what’s between them, yet you know that all good things have to come to an end, and well, this one comes with a harsh blow to Elle.

Cliff hanger of course because we know that there has to be a reason to keep reading these novellas – and in this instance, it’s with a secret being kept and a swift departure.  So, on that note, onto the next.

Review: Royal Mistake (Royal Mistake #6) by Ember Casey

Title: Royal Mistake
Author: Renna Peak / Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Peak Publishing 4/3/17
Length:   211 Pages
Series:  Royal Mistake #6


The sizzling, novel-length conclusion to a very royal romance…

My relationship with Prince Andrew has been thrilling. Life-changing. Completely and totally intoxicating… But it hasn’t been easy—and it’s about to face its biggest challenge yet.

I don’t know what Andrew and I would do without each other. But this is bigger than us. The fate of Montovia hangs in the balance…

My Thoughts

Well, i really wanted to see what they were going to come up with to make everyone happy in the end, and suffice it to say, it’s a very mixed path that we go on in this last installment.

Andrew and Victoria are meant to be, yet they get in each other’s way more than they know.  both are willing to sacrifice their happiness for the good of Montovia, and i think that it’s where the downfall of it all culminates.

We know that Prince Reginald is holding everything over Andrew’s head that he possibly can and we see all the sides of him that we knew existed but didn’t really care to see.  Then there’s his father who’s now out to make sure that Andrew pays for ‘humiliating’ his daughter Justine by choosing Victoria, so all is about to go to hell.

Top that off with the fact that Andrew’s father the king is still quite gravely ill, and you know that things are going to get dicey all around.

So secrets come out, people are put into positions that they never wanted nor expected and all at the same time, Victoria and Andrew go on this ‘will they won’t they’ trip with marriage or not.

I think that what we wanted to see happen was done and what we figured was likely to happen also happens.  I wanted to see happy endings with everyone but i also feel like there are a few loose ends that may get wrapped up in a spin-off.  So, on that note, happy with the series overall and i’m going to see what i can get my hands on next.  Enjoy!

Review: Royal Mistake (Royal Mistake #5) by Renna Peak & Ember Casey

Title: Royal Mistake
Author: Renna Peak / Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Peak Publishing3/14/17
Length:   129 Pages
Series:  Royal Mistake #5


I thought Victoria and I could be together – until she told me her secret.

But coming to terms with her deception isn’t my only concern – my own secret has leaked to the press, and now the people of Montovia will see once and for all that I’m not the crown prince they thought I was.

And after everything Victoria and I have survived, am I about to lose everything I hold dear?

My Thoughts

So… we know why VIctoria can’t have babies and of course that means that there’s an issue of whether she can even be Andrews wife since she can’t produce an heir.  If that were their only problem right?

So we’re back in Montovia, likely not the best place for them to be together, but they are there.  And we see that it’s definitely getting harder and harder for them.  They want to be together and have admitted as much to each other but everyone around them really wants that not to happen.  Lady Clarissa walks in at the wrong moment and all hell breaks loose.  Leaving Victoria on the floor, Andrew storming off, the King pissed off yet again, and a betrothal announced.  or so we think.

Fast forward to running off to a train because Victoria needs out of the country fast, and we see that these two really can’t keep their hands off each other.  Chaos ensues and in addition to their own craziness, we learn that the secret that Andrews’ been hiding has come out – not just what we learned in book 4, but what the truth is and that means that they have to get back to Montovia ASAP to try to fix things

The question that we’re constantly asking ourselves is whether this is all worth it and if they can ever manage to find some time to just ‘be’.  Andrew throughout this story has started to evolve from what we saw at first to being a man only living for his country and duty as crown prince to a man that perhaps wants something for himself.  is he willing to do what it takes to have that though?  we don’t know yet and i’m assuming that we’ll find out in book 6 out in the next week.  Enjoy!

Review: Royal Mistake (Royal Mistake #4) by Renna Peak / Ember Casey

Title: Royal Mistake
Author: Renna Peak / Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Peak Publishing 2/28/17
Length:   129 Pages
Series:  Royal Mistake #4


I’m faced with an impossible choice: Montovia deserves an heir who will do anything to serve his country, and Victoria deserves a man who will put her above all else. I can’t be both. It’s impossible.

But I also can’t give her up. I’ve never wanted anyone or anything like I want Victoria. And even though circumstances try to tear us apart, I can’t stay away—and impossible or not, I can’t put off my choice any longer.

My Thoughts

We knew that things were going to get tough for poor Andrew, and that Victoria was coming into her own realizations of what was for her and what wasn’t – but you also know that in a twisted romance like this – everyone’s going to get hurt.

So the Pageantry continues – and the farce of Andrew’s quest to find a bride becomes all lopsided since his secret is out with his father, and he’s being forced to marry Princes Justine to keep his country from becoming a laughing stock, however Lady Clarissa, his cousin seems to have this arrangement with Andrew’s father and her claws are deeply into everything.

Add the growing feelings that Victoria and Andrew have for each other, and the point that they’ve now acknowledged that they ‘care’ for one another, and you know that it’s going to be explosive.

In this 4th installment, we see things really heat up in the romance and naughtiness departments between these two.  There’s still electricity between them and i’m starting to see that our author(s) has a bit of a sexy side since the scenes that we do get are spicy.

The main point though of this fourth book though i think is that we see that these two have so much heat that they push each other away, and we see Victoria leave the palace not just once but twice because this life isn’t for her.  Because of all that too – we finally get to hear about her story – her past and what made her life into what it is.

There are things being asked of both of our main characters that’s really too much for either to cope with and i think that we’re going to see that not only will the King continue to be up in arms, but it’ll be a true test of whether their emotions and feelings are enough to make things work.  I don’t know what the story will bring since there are so many people against it all, but i think that it’ll be entertaining.  On that note – i’m off to book 5.  have a great night!

Review: Royal Mistake (Royal Mistake #3) by Renna Peak & Ember Casey

Title: Royal Mistake
Author: Renna Peak / Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Peak Publishing 2/14/17
Length:   129 Pages
Series:  Royal Mistake #3


Falling for a prince is no fairy tale – especially when the prince in question is holding a pageant to find a wife.

I know it’s Prince Andrew’s job to marry someone from the nobility—and my job to turn his search into a juicy tabloid story—but the longer I do this, the harder it is to deny my feelings. And he has the audacity to continue this ridiculous spectacle of a marriage pageant while doing things to me in private that make my toes curl…

The more time I spend in the Montovian Palace, though, the more I start to see the other side of Prince Andrew – the side he hides beneath his brooding exterior and his unwavering devotion to his country. Finally, after everything we’ve been through, I’m starting to learn his secrets…

My Thoughts

The saga continues – and it’s getting complicated for everyone involved.  The Pageant of finding Andrew a wife is now in full force, even after the king has walked in to discover Andrew and Victoria in bed.  The woman that he’s brought in to be Andrew’s wife though, that’s another issue completely.

Suffice it to say, there’s no shortage of excitement in this third installment.  Aside from the secret that Andrew’s trying to keep from coming out, (which we only start to get to the bottom of), we have the growing attraction and inability for Victoria and Andrew to keep their hands off each other, and then add on the ‘wife candidates’ and then William (Andrew’s brother) – well you know that things will get to be good.

The change in this installment from what we saw in the previous ones are that there’s depth that’s  beginning to show.  We know that Victoria’s not clueless to what her role in all this is, but we see that it’s becoming more difficult for her to both do her job and continue down the path of whatever it is between her and Andrew.  They are both going to get hurt through all this, and Victoria seems to be trying to distance herself from it all.

Then there’s the fact that Andrew is so ‘by the rules’ that things are not just complicated but thoroughly entertaining.  He’s as stickler for all the rules of being a royal and having manners, yet clearly he’s not a man of complete manners when it comes to Victoria because he’s quite the ‘naughty prince’ when they are alone.

Now there’s adding in William – someone who’s likely a better match for Victoria on paper, and one that the Queen supports as well – but jealousy is something that we see come out in huge strength when he’s in the room.

So all in all, there’s a lot of excitement that comes out and i feel like there’s something big around the corner.  The secret that Andrew has been trying to keep under wraps has come out but in a different form, and another princess has come along in the search for a wife.  Personalities clash, emotions come to the surface and i don’t know that everyone will be happy in the end.  Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Review: Royal Mistake (Royal Mistake #2) by Renna Peak / Ember Casey

Title: Royal Mistake
Author: Renna Peak / Ember Casey
Publisher/Year: Casey Peak Publishing 2/1/17
Length:   129 Pages
Series:  Royal Mistake #2


As the crown prince, I’ve devoted my life to Montovia. My one mistake has already cost me dearly, and I find I must now take more drastic measures to regain the trust of the people.

Victoria can help me to do just that. And though she finds my plan ridiculous, it is the only way to regain what I’ve lost.

But she continues to surprise me. And after our ordeal, I find I’m unable to find comfort anywhere but in her arms.

I can’t stay away from her, but I know that because of my position, she and I can never be together.

My Thoughts

Well, we now know that they have survived the plane crash and have found civilization and as you’ll recall, the very last scene in book 1 was that they saw the news that reported that Prince Andrew had commit suicide by crashing his plane.  So now they are dealing with that and the need to get back to Montovia in order to both squash this story as well as preemptively deal with the nonsense that caused the need for Victoria to come into play in the first place.

We find ourselves in the hospital because Victoria needed treatment for the cut on her foot.  Along with this, we see that there’s a bond growing between these 2 – we know that they have romantic feelings towards one another but refuse to act upon it since it’s just never going to work out.  Then there’s the bit of the crazy plan that Andrew has on staging a reality bit of sorts to find a wife and to get married – all to put himself back in the good graces of people, to stave off the fallout from the secret that he’s keeping and to make sure that his brother Leopold doesn’t take over his spot as the loved one.

So the novella that we have here is a bit of a jumpy one.  We end up back in Montovia, and we see how the beginnings of this crazy plan are falling into place. There’s definitely a few fishy things going on since his father the king was all to quick to agree to the idea of the farce, and then he has his own idea of who Andrew should marry.  Between you and me (and likely all of the readers) – yo uhave to know that it’s the girl that caused all the problems to begin with….right?

Aside from that, there’s the fact that there’s a clear attraction between Victoria and Andrew, everyone sees it but they aren’t really willing to admit it to themselves nor can they truly act on it.  So they continue under the guise that they can’t sleep without one another to make themselves feel better about their need to spend time together.

Being that it’s a short 2nd installment, we don’t get too much out of it.  We learn a bit more about Victoria, although the more we learn, the more we see that there are secrets in her past that we don’t yet know.  i’m kind of hoping that we will since she keeps dropping hints about reasons that she wasn’t able to do things in her past.  i’m intrigued.

Then there’s the fact of the bigger secret that we still don’t know but can guess about.  i’m curious how that’s all going to play out.

And then there’s the last scene in this book where the king barges in and sees something that he doesn’t want to.  so…where will we go from here?  it’s onto book 3 to find out.  Enjoy!