Review: What the Boss Wants by Ava Sterling

Title: What the Boss Wants
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 4/10/18
Length:   12 Pages


Would you share your husband with your boss?

Anna has never heard of a swingers club before. That is, until her friend at work shares a pamphlet with her. The club promises an experience she will never forget, and Anna has no doubt about that.

When Anna returns to the pamphlet, it’s nowhere to be found. Her boss, Emily, found it, but instead of being upset, she’s curious about it. Somehow in the process of explaining, Anna accidentally invites Emily and her husband over to her house.

But it’s clear from the start that this isn’t an innocent visit. Emily is intensely curious about swinging, and she sees this as an opportunity to satisfy her cravings.

Would you share your husband with your boss?

Anna has never heard of a swingers club before. That is, until her friend at work shares a pamphlet with her. The club promises an experience she will never forget, and Anna has no doubt about that.

When Anna returns to the pamphlet, it’s nowhere to be found. Her boss, Emily, found it, but instead of being upset, she’s curious about it. Somehow in the process of explaining, Anna accidentally invites Emily and her husband over to her house.

But it’s clear from the start that this isn’t an innocent visit. Emily is intensely curious about swinging, and she sees this as an opportunity to satisfy her cravings.

My Thoughts

Apparently the 5 year lull is a thing in a marriage, and that’s what we find in this novella from our amazing Ava Sterling. In this story, we have Anna who seems to think that she’s about to be romanced by her husband in prep for Valentine’s day, only to get the mundane and usual. She’s a bit let down and wonders where the spark went. When her friend at work brings up that they went through the same, and found a way to spice things up, well things take an exciting turn in her mind.

The fun doesn’t stop there though! Enter the boss – Dragon Lady Emily, who finds about the spicy plans, and well, work just got a whole lot more interesting. Anna isn’t the only one with the blah marriage, nor is her friend. Emily has the same issue, and well, now we’re in business.

Things move fairly quickly from there, Emily invites her husband and herself to Anna’s house and they surprise Anna’s husband Joe. Given that both couples are completely new to the sharing lifestyle, even though Emily seems to think that Anna knows all about it, we can only imagine how clumsy this can be. The boss that Anna’s spent time with thus far professionally takes a completely different persona now that they are out of work

WE get a hot steamy scene from here on out, seeing how the couples take charge with their new partner, and how that change the dynamic in the room. Ms Sterling gives us an exciting, intense scene where it’s not just a swap of husbands and wives, but that there’s a new shift in things which was unexpected…and hot.

The question that we have to ask though in our minds is how will this encounter change how the ladies are at work and will that have an impact on more than just the two of them? Do they think that this is something that’s real – the lifestyle or do they need to branch out to the club that sparked their interest to begin with? Will this new fun change the doldrums of their marriages and keep them happy? All great questions and ones that we will have to keep in our minds since we’re left at the jump – and this novella teases all the possibilities. Enjoy!

Review: Her Last Fling by Ava Sterling

Title: Her Last Fling
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 7/8/2015
Length:   21 Pages


Susan is nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous the night before her wedding?

She spends her bachelorette party with her best friend at a male strip club but ends up leaving early. Within minutes, she bumps into the stripper who gyrated over her lap an hour ago. After a glass of wine, she sees her friend walking past–near enough to spot her sharing a drink with a man other than her fiancé. 

In an attempt to evade being caught, Susan rushes in the direction of the stripper’s hotel room. Now she must decide between getting a good night’s sleep for her wedding or being tangled in the sheets with her new mystery man.

My Thoughts

I always enjoy a good ‘final adventure before my wedding’ story – and that’s what we have here. Susan’s out with her girls for her bachelorette the night before and of course, when she ‘tries’ to be good, things go awry.

There’s always a bit of a sweet element to things when we see that ‘strippers’ have more underneath the hard body to give us a story that’s worthwhile. In this case, we have a guy who’s just moved to Vegas, and needed a job, and that’s how he fell into this as a temporary thing. We learn more of his back story than of Susan’s which is kind of interesting. There’s the added element that our author throws in about how he knows the owner of the hotel who offers to put him up in a room for a bit until he sorts himself out and offers to help him get a job. That makes you wonder what will come next for him once we leave this story.

Where we spend much of the time though in this installment is where Susan is caught off guard by the fact that he’s such a nice guy and that she’s feeling an attraction to him, and while we get a moment of guilt flash through her mind, to me, it doesn’t really seem like it’ll be a big deal to her to ‘cheat’ on her husband the night before. If anything, she seems to have regret that she’s not going to be able to see him again because of her plans and the impending wedding.

As she’s passing through the lobby to go back to her room on the earlier side, her attention is grabbed by this guy who’s sitting at the bar, and well, it’s not just intrigue and a good body that beckons her, it’s the need for excitement too i think.

There’s so much more that comes from this. The need to sneak around because if she’s caught by her friend or fiance then things will go awry. There’s the intrigue about learning more of this guy and seeing what’s possible on the sliy

There’s a slow build up to what’s possible for them, and it’s a bit corny at times but gets us there all the same. There’s the expected banter from a dancer, the naivete of a girl who’s been closed off her whole life. There’s the experience that Susan has with this man and the fact that he’s new, and unknown, and someone that she’s likely never going to see again which makes it that much more passionate and hot to read. All in all a sweet one for sure!

I think that where we are left off at the end of this is really around what the future holds. You are drawn into the guy’s story about how he’s just come to Vegas and I personally would love to see how things play out for him. We also have to wonder what this one night means for Susan and her soon to be husband. Will she tell him what happened or keep the secret and what effect will that have on their relationship? There’s also the question about what her friend will think when Susan finally gets back to the room since we know that part of the reason that she experienced all that she did was because she was trying not to get caught (at least that’s what she’s telling herself). So all in all, a great short story – one that leaves us with more questions than answers, but i think that’s often the trait of a good story. (or tease). Enjoy!

Review: Blonde for a Day by Ava Sterling

Title: Blonde for a Day
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 11/1/2018
Length:   14 Pages


She has her husband’s fantasy to thank for their night of swinging.

Mari can use a little bit more excitement. Married to an accountant with their intimacy in a rut, she longs for some thrills, which is why she’s intrigued when her husband, Parker, pulls out a blonde wig and offers to do a little roleplay. He’s even nice enough to come up with her backstory and the name Candy.

Come to find out, there’s also a woman named Candy who works in the building next to his office. Suspecting an affair, Mari goes to confront her but discovers how nice she is…and how attractive her husband is.

Faced with her own curiosity, she invites Candy and her husband over for dinner without Parker knowing. When Parker arrives home, he’s confronted with the woman he’s been fantasizing about, only this time with his wife in the room.

My Thoughts

i’m always intrigued by how different the story lines are with everything that i’ve read from our lovely Ava Sterling. This is another example of how you can have a story in a similar category to others, and yet have something completely new and fresh.

We start off with our leading lady, Mari who is apparently married, and has a less than stellar sex life with her husband. we’ve only discovered this because her friend got a bit nosey (accidentally of course). So what that turns into is a revelation of sorts which makes Mari wonder if she should be angry, jealous or just confused.

Being the strong woman that we have to assume she is, she decides confrontation is her best approach, and while we would always want to confront our partner first, she goes another route – tracks down Candy and has a conversation of her own. What comes out of the conversation is a completely new direction and something that takes our story on a hot and interesting journey.

Candy is married and very much in love with her husband Rolf who happens to be beyond attractive in a nordic sort of way. When Candy shares that as a couple they tend to be more open and adventurous, well, Mari is on board with that and sets plans into motion. She’s completely over the idea that maybe her husband was fantasizing over Candy and turns this into a fantasy that they can act upon.

What starts off as a dinner quickly forms into something else, a competition of sorts to see who can make whom feel the best and how quickly can it be accomplished. This scene is fast, and concise, and steamy. Everything that you could possibly imagine when you have a couple who’s in their first swingers experience.

Mari allows herself to not just experience something completely new, but to participate actively, really enjoy what’s going on and welcome the adventure. Something that she’s definitely missed with her husband.

The interesting twist at the end of course is what Parker, Mari’s husband does just as we’re finishing up the book. I’m not going to share that for once, but i think that you should read it because it sparks another question! One that’s sort of expected but kind of not so much.

This story has so much potential yet again to become a full length story – to see what lies ahead for Mari and Parker, and even to better understand their dynamic since we didn’t really get any insight into that. This is what i’d call entry level swingers – since it’s not the spiciest that i’ve read yet by Ms Sterling, but one that’s still got all the right parts to make for a really fast hitting combustible snack. Enjoy!

Review: Tough Love by Ava Sterling

Title: Tough Love
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 6/10/17
Length:   17 Pages


Lingerie is Kate’s ultimate weakness. That, and spanking.

The spanking kink between Kate and Colin started years ago, and it’s only heated up since then. But with Colin away at a conference, Kate falls back into her old ways of overspending on lingerie. The lingerie is mostly a gift for him, after all.

The only problem is the budget and the credit card interest. As soon as Colin gets home, he’ll likely be upset, and what better way to dole out his punishment than bending his fiancée over his knee?

My Thoughts

I have to of course thank our amazing author for sharing this story with me – I honestly don’t know she’s able to come up with so many unique story lines across so many different categories within the erotica genre. It’s impressive!

In this sweet novella, we have a couple who’s very much in love, very devoted to each other, and a couple that has figured out how to survive the tests that life and time throw at them. In this instance, it was the introduction of a means to correct Kate’s bad behavior, a punishment of sorts. But for anyone who’s into BDSM, or light play, spanking is clearly not about punishment, but about pleasure. And that’s what we get to see Kate discover and enjoy.

Where spanking leads is always a hot hot scene – both for the spank-er as well as the spank-ee. Colin is clearly well versed in the best way to prep, tease and perform an amazing spanking, and while it may not exactly get Kate to behave how he wants (i mean, you have to understand the pleasure that you can get out of a good spanking), he gets to experience something amazing and fulfilling with her, and vice versa.

They both get exactly what they need, as does the reader i’d imagine, and we have another story that leaves us wondering is spanking as far as they’ll go? Is there potential for more? Is Colin really more a dominant and that could be something that they choose to play out? I guess only in our imaginations will we find out. Enjoy!

Cover Reveal: Be Careful What You Wish For by Ava Sterling

Happy Friday Everyone! As I’ve had both the pleasure and enjoyment of reading quite a few of Ava Sterling’s existing library, i’m happy to be able to bring you some first looks and reveals for upcoming stories! On the descriptions alone, I think that it’s safe to say that we won’t be disappointed!


She never expected to magically wake up as a man, but today happens to be that day.

Layla’s never good with social gatherings. She usually finds a corner to hide in, talking to her friend Suzanne, for the most part. At this particular party, she kills time by asking Suzanne about a strange pendant with a shining green stone in the center. Suzanne describes it as a “wishing pendant,” one that her parents picked up in South America.

Out of frustration with a frat guy at the party, she wishes on the pendant to become a man, never thinking it would actually do something. When she wakes up the next morning, however, she has a big problem to solve…with a few fun pit stops along the way.

If you enjoy steamy stories of fantasy gender swapping and male-for-a-day fun, you’ll love Be Careful What You Wish For.

Review & Giveaway: One Last Try by Ava Sterling

Title: One Last Try
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 1/25/19
Length:   23 Pages


One last chance to loosen up her husband. If this doesn’t work, nothing will.

Madison’s marriage to Mike has its ups and downs. Right now he’d say it’s an “up,” but she isn’t so sure. Mike’s a vanilla, straight-laced guy. He likes to eat the same thing for breakfast every morning and doesn’t like spontaneity. 

Unfortunately, he’s a bit sluggish in the bedroom too. Anything that flirts with being kinky he won’t try. She’s desperate enough to try anything to jumpstart the spark in their marriage, even to the point of trying to get him aroused by her old best friend, Joanne.

She hasn’t seen Joanne in years, but a phone call and an hour of catching up is enough of an opening to invite her and Mike over for a fun getaway. Being under the same roof as a saucy newlywed couple like Joanne and Marco might do the trick for Mike.

By the end of the weekend, Madison will either have exactly what she wants or her love life might crash and burn. Either way, it’s worth a try.

My Thoughts

First, thanks again to our lovely author for giving me something to start off the month of April with! I’ve been a fan of menage before, there have been series with more than 3 partners, but never have i ventured into the swingers realm (outside of BDSM i suppose), so this was a nice break.

Madison and Mike are the couple that you want to be – they are an established couple, out of the newlywed stage, happy with life, each other, just a nice set of people. The challenge of course if that Madison seems to want more – she’s much more sexually charged, and sexually driven than Mike, and that starts to make her frustrated.

The great thing though is that she has this friend that she’s gotten a sense of wild adventure from in the past and that’s something that’s so ideal for what she needs now. When she and her husband go have a weekend trip to go visit the friend and her husband, you can only imagine the crazy that unfolds.

Madison hopes that by making things seem competitive between Mike and Marco (her friend’s husband), that there will be a chance for things to get hot and steamy fast. It’s always nice to see two men feel like they need to one up each other to stake their claim in the room. When it’s decided that no one is too tired to continue the evening, the heat ramps up quite a bit and quickly, and what we get from there is insane.

Mike and Joanne pair off, leaving Madison and Marco together, and even the women get a bit competitive with one another on how quickly and well they can please their respective men. The picture that our author paints for us as this goes down (pardon the pun), is hot, sexy, intense and quite detailed. What they experience is something new and different, and of course where we are left off raises the question on what it means for each person and couple since you can’t go back from experiences like that.

I don’t know about anyone else, but this story makes me wish that I were married and that i had an adventurous best friend (or maybe i could be the adventurous one) who was also married so we could take a stab at this. I can say I’m definitely a fan now of the swingers story lines, and I can’t wait to read the next one! Enjoy!

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Review & Giveaway: Whiskey and Water by Ava Sterling

Title: Whiskey and Water
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 3/6/18
Length:   18 Pages


Amber looks the part.

She has on a tight shirt that hugs her chest and a pair of shorts that shows off her legs. She even has her black hair in curls so it falls down her shoulders in soft waves that bounce when she walks. She’s the quintessential hot bartender. The only problem is, she hardly has anyone to serve. 

Carla changes all that when she comes in from the rain for a drink. Within minutes, the electricity cuts out, and the place goes pitch dark. With nothing else to do, they decide on a dare. If Amber can drink a whiskey shot without making a face, she wins. If she loses, she has to kiss Carla. 

It starts off with a playful dare and ends with Carla’s boyfriend, Jack, coming in to check on her. Considering what he walks into, it’s understandable that he’d want to join.

My Thoughts

I need to thank our amazing author Ms Ava Sterling for this story – it’s exactly what i needed for a sunday night! What we have here is a fun evening for a girl who was beyond bored at the bar that she works at, and while it’s a job, it’s annoying given that she always has to be in motion because her boss watches the security tapes to make sure she’s not standing idle. That proves to be even more brain numbing than waiting for customers to come into the bar!

So on a dark and stormy night, when there’s no one to serve, Amber finds herself alone and then quickly not so alone in the bar. Enter Carla, a biker looking chick, soaking wet after she’s ridden through on her motorcycle which of course has conveniently broken down just up the road. We all know where this is going to lead right? The nice thing though is that while Amber isn’t very experienced, she’s fairly adventurous and the scene plays out quite nicely. Especially when the power goes off and the security cameras are offline!

I love that Amber decides that the thrill of what Carla makes her feel is worth the risk, and i love that Carla is so playful at making Amber participate as it keeps the momentum of the story going! And who doesn’t like incentive right? Amber knows she’s going to lose, and maybe she’s so intrigued by what Carla has to offer that she does it on purpose.

What follows this flows fast and furious. Carla is experience and knows what pleases someone else, and Amber quickly has no choice but to explode and enjoy. The idea that all this is happening in a bar, with the power off, that just adds to the tension and heat in their scene. It’s not until there’s someone else in the room that what was hot before gets explosively combustible.

Jack is what threesomes are made for – he’s a guy who really takes no hesitation in the scene, takes what he wants, maybe shares a bit, but is clear and single minded. He’s Carla’s boyfriend, and this is obviously something that they do often – the menage. Its a night of firsts for Amber and seeing how this plays out makes it even more compelling. She’s flying, she’s lost her inhibitions, and perhaps they have made her think about things in her life different.

Of course, the lights come back on (which means also the security camera) and we are left to wonder how this will all play out for Amber. Will she still have a job? Is this just a one time thing with Carla and Jack or is there a chance for more? What will this mean for Ambers taste in the future! So many questions and so few answers!!!!

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Review & Giveaway: Study Hard by Ava Sterling

Title: Study Hard
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 1/4/16
Length:   22 Pages


Graduating from college is hard enough without being single.

Faye’s best friend, Dakota, helps keep her mind off men by helping her study. The big exam coming up is making Faye lose sleep.

Dakota offers up her dad’s house for them to cram some studying in. It’s much quieter than the university library, especially considering that Dakota’s dad is out of town on business. Within an hour of being there, though, her dad arrives home after changing his flight. 

He doesn’t mind that they dropped by, but Faye finds it hard to concentrate on her studies with such an attractive, confident man nearby. She’d never do anything to hurt Dakota, but this is something Faye has never encountered before. 

She’ll have to decide whether experiencing Mr. Stevens is thrilling enough to risk a friendship over.

My Thoughts

I’ve read quite a few stories now from Ms Ava Sterling and this one may be one of my favorites. White short and concise, it has a mix of the character development and dual plot line that could make for an even more robust story.

To build off what’s in the summary of the story, we have two college friends who’ve clearly known each other for a long time and who work to elevate each other, either in school or with their personal lives. We’re first teeing it up here with the idea that Faye was successful in getting the attention of a hot guy at a party the previous night and there’s no jealousy there. nice right?

Then it’s back to studying – finals are no joke and that’s what seems to be on deck for them. As is always the case, there are distractions over and over again, either in thinking about the hot guy from the party, doing other stuff, or now, the fantasy of Dakota’s father – a guy who has been divorced, keeps himself in amazing shape, and well, the object of Faye’s attentions (in her mind at least) for years.

What we have here is a well laid out novella – seeing how this can all play out in the obvious but not obvious sort of way. We know that things will ‘go down’ once the girls relocate to Dakota’s dad’s house, but the question that begs is how will it happen, what’s the opportunity there, will Dakota find out, and backing it up a second, will her father even be into it?

Let’s just say that what we have in the final pages of this story were exactly what i needed last night. There are teases of the rationale for why an older man is better – Faye even vocalizes that, and the scene that Ms Sterling lays out gives us everything we wanted and more. Yet again I wish that we didn’t just have 22 pages, but happy to have enjoyed this one anyway!

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Review & Giveaway: Mistress Comes First by Ava Sterling

Title: Mistress Comes First
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 4/28/17
Length:   18 Pages


When Levi wears his collar, the rest of the world gets a little fuzzy around the edges.

For their six month anniversary, Levi gives his girlfriend, Raleigh, a key to his apartment. Since then, she’s left her soap in his shower and some extra clothes in the back of his dresser. She also added one more item, but it’s one Levi wears…his collar.

Ever since their BDSM lifestyle started, Levi has found a new purpose: pleasing his Mistress. She always took care of him, but most importantly, she always showed him exactly how to please her. 

One night, Raleigh gives her submissive a task before coming home with a treat.

My Thoughts

I enjoy a good BDSM story, especially when the dominant is a Woman, so you can only imagine why i was drawn to this novella initially. We have Raleigh who’s the Mistress in this story – the one who calls all the shots, really driving the story forward. Levi is her pet, and the one who’s completely submissive to her every wish or desire.

Levi understood his part to play in their relationship and knew that there were repercussions if he didn’t obey her requests. The punishments at times were even better than getting what he was originally supposed to receive, but that’s not always the point of these encounters now is it?

To those who really are embedded and knowledgeable of the BDSM lifestyle, there area few tokens that we are grounded in here. The titles, and the notion that Raleigh requires Levi to endear her a certain way. That’s a means of showing respect. Then there’s the notion that he wears a collar for her. That’s not always a requirement in these D/s relationships, but it’s a nice way to show commitment, and since they’ve been together for a while now, it’s a way of showing how she feels about him, even when she won’t move in with Levi after being asked many many times.

It’s a sweet tease into the lifestyle, even though it’s not really getting into the depth and crux of what the lifestyle truly is. We see that it’s about control more than the experience of play which is usually how these stories go within the genre, but i’d imagine that if this were a full length story, we would get there. There’s one thing though that throws me a bit – it’s typically known and understood that the sub is the one with all the control, and that a good dominant knows that giving pleasure and ensuring the submissive happiness is the most important thing. I’ll chalk it up to Levi seeming to be new to the lifestyle and that’s why in his head he feels that she’s got all the control.

All in all, a sweet BDSM story – which is unique in a genre that i never think of as sweet.

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Review & Giveaway: See Me After Class by Ava Sterling

Title: See Me After Class
Author:  Ava Sterling
Publisher/Year:  Red Lace Publishing 6/26/17
Length:   20 Pages


Kristin has played a part all her life.

She’s dated guys off and on, but without any success. They just don’t do much for her. They’re messy and rough. She thinks that is her destiny, until she meets Professor Carolyn Bannister.

Carolyn is the director for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, busy sorting through auditions at her university’s theater department. When Kristin finishes her audition, Carolyn gives her the part before the rest of the students have their chance. Kristin matches the part perfectly of someone who has held in a secret desire for someone.

It isn’t long after Kristin receives the part that she wonders if she’ll get some one-on-one time with Professor Bannister to rehearse her part…and perhaps practice a few other things for the first time in the privacy of a backstage changing room.

My Thoughts

I”m always a fan of a story with a power difference, where one person comes off as though they have the upper hand because of age, experience, profession etc, and then we quickly find that the script is flipped and it’s really the other person who holds all the cards. Seeing though as this is a novella, i’m going to suspend that expectation and see hwo this plays out.

I’m going to first thank our lovely author Ava Sterling once again for giving me access to her library. What we have is a sweet story here about a girl who deep down knows what she is and what she wants but has always been too shy to take a hold of that.

As an actor, she’s able to portray herself as someone else, and that gives her a chance to not only to better embody a character that she’s after, but she’s also put in the path of a woman who may hold the answers to her questions. Carolyn is everything that she’s looking for, older, experienced, beautiful….

Where this story takes us in an innocently sweet introduction to a work of intimacy and passion that Kristin was always dreaming about and hoping for. She’s given an opportunity to live out her flirtation, her fantasy and see what that could bring to her life, all while being able to take on the ideal role in the theatrical performance.

We’re faced with the age old question in this story though of what is possible and what are the ramifications. Remember that Kristin is a student, and Carolyn is a professor and in EVERY situation, this is taboo and carries potentially more risk than reward. Both of them have so much to lose, so Kristin’s fantasy better be worth the risk right?

I say this EVERY time, but I would love to see how this story could play out long term – knowing that there is so much at stake, and so much that they could both learn from each other. The reader can only guess what ‘could be’ and what’s sustainable, and of course, my imagination goes in a million directions.

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